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Hayao, also known as Sifu or Master Hayao, is one of Crown Prince Iroh's tutors, teaching him about Foreign Cultures and Strategy. He also is a Firebending master and serves as a somewhat surrogate father figure to Prince Iroh.


Born seventeen years before Sozin's Comet on Ember Island, Hayao, a gifted Firebender, fought under General Azulon, the then Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, during the early stages of the War. He managed to reach the rank of Colonel at age 30, an incredible deed, but he was better-known for his considerable medical knowledge, making him the official healer of the Fire Lord on the Front. Shortly after the Battle of Taku, as he was about to be named General, he unexpectedly decided to retire early, though he still took care of the wounded. After a decade spent as Head Doctor on the battlefield, Fire Lord Azulon allowed him to completely retire, at the young age of 47. What he did after that remains largely unknown, as he left public life.


What now remains of Taku ...

Seven years before the beginning of "Sozin's Blood", Fire Lord Azulon proposed him to be the Strategy and Foreign Culture tutor of his son, the heir to the throne, Iroh. Hayao accepted.

Hayao soon came to consider Iroh as the son he never had, though he always remained formal, never forgetting his rank. In 52 BG, he covered Iroh as he had gone out of the palace at night, which is strictly forbidden. He also remained silent on the relationship between Prince Iroh and Cixi, a young noblewoman.

Personality and Traits

Hayao was a quiet, gentle man, who loved very much tranquility. He always was polite and remained master of his emotions, no matter the odds he was confronted to. This led people to assume he was cold-hearted, whereas in fact he was deeply caring.

Very intelligent, Hayao became a master in strategy, but also in Pai Sho, a game he secretly adored. He was also very fond of tea, Jasmine being his favorite. He was also rumored to enjoy gardening, though this is still left to verify.

Physical appearance

Hayao was very small, only 2 to 3 feet high. In the later years of his life, he became bald, and his many wrinkles made him look older than he really was. His hairstyle is similar to the one which was in at Sozin's time: hairy, spiky sideburns and an enormous mustache. His eyes are golden.


Hayao is a master Firebender, who perfected his style by adding techniques from other Bending arts: in his combat against a thug in Chapter 2, instead of simply avoiding, dodging or blocking the attacks of the bandit, it turned the fire of the enemy into his own weapon, which is based on a Waterbending principle.

As stated above, Hayao is a brilliant mind, a master manipulator and a great strategist. No one has ever beat him to Pai Sho.



It is unknown when Hayao met Chu Baka, his colossal wife, or what each of them liked in the other, but their marriage is a love one, not an arranged one. They married when Hayao was seventeen. Hayao's daughters, Lo and Li, although not Firebenders, have put so much devotion to please their father that they now know more on Firebending than most masters. This is truly a united family, whose members all love each other.


Hayao considers Iroh as a close relative, even as a son. Their relationship is far beyond the typical one between master and student ; but Hayao maintains a cold behavior, thinking first to his primary duty: teaching Iroh. But not necessarily on the expected classes.

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