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Lin Beifong
Haya Beifong
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United Republic


Earth Kingdom




150 AG

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Metal, Earth


Lin Beifong(mother)


The Blade

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Police Officer




Republic City Police

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Haya Beifong was a Detective on the Republic City Police Department and a main character in the fanon Edge of a Revolution.


Haya Beifong was born to Lin Beifong in the year 150 AG as an unintentional result of Lin's backlash against her breakup with Tenzin. Like her mother before her, Haya grew up never knowing her father, a fact which would have a profound effect on her well into her adult life.

Raised in the atmosphere of the Police thanks to her mother's position as Chief, Haya witnessed first hand the seedy underbelly of Republic City and swore from an early age to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a police officer. In 167 AG, at the age of seventeen, she dropped out of school and joined the Republic City Police.

Thanks to her skills as a metalbender and sheer willpower and determination, she rose through the ranks and became a Detective within a year. Despite the growing underground Equalist movement, Haya was primarily assigned to deal with the bending triads, mainly due to Lin's belief that the triads were a bigger threat.

Things changed in the Spring of 170 AG when an Equalist assassin known simply as The Blade began to target both triad members and police officers. Despite Haya's status as one of the department's best and Haya's personal quest to bring down the man that was killing her fellow officers, Lin still hesitated to put her daughter in the path of a skilled killer.

The sudden emergence of a vigilante using a bow and arrow in late Summer gave Lin the opening she needed. Her personal stance against vigilantes led to Haya being placed in charge of capturing the archer. Eager to prove her worth to her mother, Haya personally tracked down the hooded archer and confronted him.

However, her encounter had unintended results. The vigilante was able to subdue her and temporarily remove her bending thanks to chi blocking. Before he departed, he explained his primary quest was to bring down the Equalist movement and in particular The Blade.

Shaken by the encounter, Haya began to question the views she had been taught. Eventually, she began to track down the vigilante again with the intention of joining him in stopping The Blade.


Haya was a smart, brave, and skilled young metalbender. She was often wary of new people, thanks in part to the emergence of The Blade and the vigilante. From a young age, she held the belief that justice could be obtained through the law. Her first encounter with the vigilante shook that belief to its core, making her realize that justice and the law were two very different things.


  • Haya's appearance strongly resembles that of a young Lin Beifong.
  • Haya's name roughly translates as "The Only One", a reference to the fact that she in Lin's only child.

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