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"We must always strive to be better, even if the world around us gives up."
— Hava concerning how to uphold oneself.
Hava Jinorra
Biographical information

Air Nomad

Birth place

Air Temple Island





Physical description






Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air Nomad Glider

Bending style(s)



Lio Jinora (sister), Clan Jinorra


Order of the White Lotus, United Forces


Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom

Chronological and political information

Airbending Master


United Republic of Nations, Air Nomad Clans, Omashu



Hava Jinorra is the younger brother of Councilwoman Lio Jinorra and teacher of Avatar Tala in airbending. He went with Clan Rohan to train the Avatar in airbending in Omashu.


Hava was born on Air Temple Island to Clan Jinorra Proper (the main line). He was born two years after Lio. Hava lived to a legacy of great Airbenders starting with Aang and Tenzin.

However, Hava did not inherit the intuitive skill and power that his sister Lio did. Hava spent years trying to airbend to the level of his sister only to make a joke of himself. Clan Jinorra, the most serious of clans, could break into laughter when he attempted to perform airbending forms.

It was years and grueling practice before Hava truly stepped into his own. When he was eighteen, he mastered and earned Nomad Tattoos with flying colors. By the next year, Hava beat Lio in a match of airbending prowess.

Hava was soon recognized as a master Airbender of the highest order. For this, and his initial difficulty with the art; Hava was decided to be the best to teach the Avatar airbending.

Hava has taught Tala for the last two years in Omashu. He was sent an invitation to Republic City for he and the Avatar to attend the coronation of the new councilor of the Council, Rishu. Given Rishu's intense disputes with both the City and the White Lotus as Regent of the Fire Nation, it was a dangerous offer that had to be accepted.

Hava and Tala went to the coronation and met with his sister, Lio, on Air Temple Island. Hava spent some time speaking with contacts and old friends about the rising tensions between Republic City and the Fire Nation to hear rumors of The Black Dragon behind it. This was not eased when Tala began dreaming of a Black Dragon in her sleep.

Upon their return to Omashu, Hava discovered that relations between Republic City and the Fire Nation broke down completely as the two were preparing for war. As time passed, Hava sent scouts out; one of which nearly died when he came across a Fire Nation attack on a United Forces airfield. The Nomad, Simi Rohan, was horribly scarred and was a message of things to come.

The Fire Nation soon blockaded the city of Omashu to keep them out of their war with Republic City. Other nomad scouts sighted Earth Kingdom forces arriving. It was relief, as the city believed the capital sent reinforcements.

However, this was soon to meet disaster. As soon as the army arrived, the Ba Sing Se Regulars, Hava realized they were preparing to attack. Omashu realized that the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation were working together.

Hava led and participated in the defense of the city against the allied invaders. He was still training the Avatar in airbending, while also fighting with her so as to protect her.

Hava and Tala fought together on the Day of Black Sun in which they thought they would be able to corner the Black Dragon and end the war. They met resistance in the form of a waterbending mercenary, Ralyn, who protected the powerless firebender. Tala was able to subdue the target on top of the airship they were chasing them on, only to find a decoy, Rishu's wife Lira.

Lira confirmed that Rishu was the Black Dragon and that he planned for this charade of a chase to buy time and prevent the eclipse from being a defeat. The Avatar and Hava escaped.

Defending the city of Omashu remained much the same following the solar eclipse. A change occurred when Southern Water Tribe and White Lotus reinforcements arrived and joined the defense. Soon after, these forces successfully captured the leader of the siege in a foray, Prince Kuir.

Hava was witness to the challenge of Agni Kai by Rishu to Tala and opposed her decision to accept, even going so far as to recruit the scarred Simi to deter her. While she fought the Grand Marshal, no outcome was deduced and the battle continued at large. Tala revealed to Hava that Rishu could bend energy and did so to her to give her information.

Hava was in the council that decided to use the full moon to its advantage when the Fire Nation would attack. While the Avatar and many led the attack, Hava and Urri remained in the city to lead the defense in case of any trouble.

Hava failed to receive communication from the attack and asked for the King only to find out he was taunting the captured prince. Hava rushed to find Kuir had broken out and used chi blocking to disable everyone, he was about to finish off Urri if not for his fast actions and airbending.

Kuir escaped and soon after he broke Tala's ribs in a quick engagement.


Hava Jinorra is recognized as one of the most powerful airbenders in the world, only rivaled by his older sister, Lio. Hava has an extensive knowledge of a many vast techniques of advanced airbending, making him more dangerous.

Hava is not a naturally powerful airbender as he used to be the laughing stock of his Clan. He eventually mastered the element and rose through to beat his sister, the recognized most powerful airbender.


Old-team-avatar-to be fixed-2

Hava wore this same garb, as it was very functional and still represented the history of his people.

  • Hava is a tough but fair man and teacher.
  • Hava was chosen to teach Tala because of his own struggles with airbending, and thought they would help him teach an earthbender and help them train against a block.
  • While he doesn't look much like Aang, he wears the same outfit as here because it is more efficient for movement.

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