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Hari, Wei, Haru, Ty Lee, Toph, Saif, Kumaro, Aditi, Ila, Kun, Aknur, Pallav, Rin, Lo Gan, Earth Kingdom


Bharato, The Phoenix Estates

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Chapter VII:Battle for the Northern Mountains

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Haruka was the daughter of Haru and Ty Lee. She grew up with her parents and her brother Wei. When the war started, she was sent by her parents to bring her brother home.

While searching she met up with Hari, and some Earth Kingdom troops. She then helped in the Retaking of Gaipan, and afterwards, found her brother. Later she fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier by helping her brother open the crashed Earth Kingdom airships and taking out the engines of a Phoenix Estates ship.

Later she fought along with her brother and Haruka to take out two imperial Firebenders. She later helped move Aditi and Kumaro after Bharato almost killed them.

After that, she went to the Northern Water Tribe, along with Wei. She fought in the Battle over the North by defeating the non-benders. Afterwards, she aided in the Rescue on Phoenix Estates airship. Although she did not fight, had she not been there, the team would have gone back in, and eventually gotten captured.

Later, she helped repair the damage done during the Battle over the North. After doing a small amount of repairing, she began to socialize with Hari. When Aditi found them, she told them she had to go to the Fire Nation to assist in the war effort. When there, she was reunited with her parents who had been called into service by Saif and Toph.

Later she helped to rescue governess Sakura on the Sun Generator. Later, she retreated east to avoid confrontation with the Phoenix Estates. She fought in the Battle for the Fire Nation, and took part in the charge during the landing in the south. Afterwards, she helped the Fire Nation retake part of their southern half by going on a mission to take down the Rough Rhinos. Though in said conflict she was injured, her friend Lo Gan healed her.

She was also sent on a mission to go through a Fire Nation jungle. While in there, she encountered an entire tribe of Firebenders, along with her friends Neza, Aditi, Hari, Kumaro, Lo Gan, Rin, and Wei. After the Battle of Aggni, she returned home with her family.


Haruka was more mature than most people her age, as she knew the full effect of war, and needed a good reason to fight in it.


Haruka was an Earthbender, like her father, and a skilled one as well.

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