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Haru is a young skilled Earthbender, whose Earth Kingdom village was twice occupied by Firebenders.


Seizing the village's coal mines to fuel their ships, the Fire Nation extracted exorbitant taxes from the citizenry for five years, and most cruelly, took all known Earthbenders to a prison shipyard, Haru's father Tyro among them. To ensure his safety, Haru's mother forbade him from Earthbending (although he continued to practice Earthbending in secret, as a way to feel close to his father).

Haru earthbending

Haru Earthbending

One day, as he was practicing alone, Aang and his friends stumbled upon Haru. While Haru and Katara struck up a kinship over shared parental losses, they came upon a villager trapped under a rock slide. Haru aided him through Earthbending, but the old man betrayed him to the Fire Nation soldiers and he was taken into custody.

Aang and Sokka then helped engineer Katara's false arrest for Earthbending, so she would be taken to the shipyard. There they and Haru helped stir up a mass prison rebellion and escape. Reunited with his father, and reinforced by fellow Earthbenders, Haru now has a chance of driving the Fire Nation from his home.

Since Aang and his friends last saw Haru, he liberated many Earth Kingdom villages.

In "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion", Haru is one of many familiar, but slightly changed faces recruited by Sokka to help in the war. He now has a mustache and small beard. Haru and his father are part of the ground forces attacking the capital. When the submarines were destroyed, the warriors decided to surrender, Haru promises Tyro that they will return to rescue them. The young people (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Teo, The Duke, and Haru) were put on Appa and sent away. They then headed for the Western Air Temple.

Haru and Tyro in Invasion

Haru in the invasion

Haru has befriended both Teo and The Duke since the invasion, and upon arrival at the Western Air Temple, he and his two friends began to explore. They found it to be the perfect place to hang out and practice some Earthbending.

Haru stuck with Aang's group until the Fire Nation attacked the temple in "The Southern Raiders". He fled along with Hakoda and his friends while Aang's group took off.

In "Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King", when Katara announces she has a surprise, Toph quickly assumes she "had a secret thing with Haru", only to be met with silence from everyone.

Haru was seen during Zuko's coronation after the War ended, and is finally reunited with his father once again. After the coronation, Haru returned to his village with his father and lived a year of peace. Around a year later, Tyro asked him to retrieve some coal for keeping the family warm. While he was in the mines, a group of Firebenders invaded the village, defeating the surprised Earthbenders and forcing them from the village. When Haru arrives in the village, he is attacked and defeated by Captain Zifu, the leader of the group that attacked. He is captured, and put in a cage along with the other captured Earthbenders.

He is rescued the next day by Toph Bei Fong, who had begun liberating the village along with the rest of Team Avatar. He thanks her and rushes off into battle. He duels against several Phoenix Warriors, saving his father from an attack from the rear. When the battle is over, he is told to secure the leader of the forces. He reports that the Warrior is gone, and says goodbye to the Team.


A powerful Earthbender, Haru is on the fast track to becoming a master. He was initially taught by his father, but began training himself following his father's imprisonment. After his father's return, however, Haru gained experience liberating occupied villages and his battling prowess increased. Haru is shown to be able to defeat several Phoenix Warriors, only being defeated by the deranged Zifu.


Haru is an honorable young man. He always tries to do the right thing, helping an elderly Fire Nation man despite the ban on his Earthbending. He also joined up with the Invasion of the Fire Nation to help end the War. His upright character and honorable fighting style have their limitations, however, as unscrupulous opponents could fight dirty and defeat him without forewarning.


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