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"(A:TR) Ep.16: Rebellion"

Haru is a rouge earthbender who had met Team Avatar during a battle with some firebenders. His own life came to be because of the Fire Nation, similar to the Freedom Fighters.


Haru is mainly a nice kid, but isn't afraid to fight for himself and for others. Although good-hearted, he doesn't take defeat too well and sometimes will give up altogether if he ends up deeply defeated in some way. Although these feelings are evident, he is still rather brave and won't give up or go down without a fight.


Book 1: Water

Literally days before he came across Team Avatar, a group of Fire Nation warriors attacked his home, resulting in his home being destroyed. Not having anywhere else to go, he ended up as a rouge, all alone.

Haru officially appeared when he was found by the same Fire Nation warriors and was trying to fight them off when he got captured. This triggered Ty Lee into attacking, resulting in the same fate. He didn't want anyone else to suffer and questioned her reason behind the matter before he got knocked out.

He woke up much earlier than Ty Lee and he was the first one she saw once she woke up on the prison rig. Haru helped her catch up with where she was and what was happening, and also stopped her from trying to pull off the cuffs she was wearing, telling her they'd just grip tighter on her hands. He introduced himself and spoke for a while, but stopped altogether when asked what had happened to him. When Team Avatar found Ty Lee, Haru asked her what she was doing. When told of the escape and asked if he would come, he told her to just go, saying there was no chance for him. He had fully given up, saying he had no family and no home to return to, even if he did agree to go. However, after hearing Katara's plan to get them all out, Haru regained his confidence and agreed. When the fight was underway later on, he saw Ty Lee struggling and finally used the earth around him (coal) to create a boulder and smash the cuffs off her, basically saving her. When he was finally free, along with the others, he thanked Team Avatar for their efforts and also agreed to go with Ty Lee in her mission to find Aang an earthbending teacher.

Book 2: Earth

For most of the time since their departure, Haru had been travelling with Ty Lee in her search for an earthbending master. Although he himself was an earthbender, he didn't feel worthy to teach Aang and they needed a true earthbending master for the Avatar; plus, this'd help him learn a few extra tricks if he was lucky. While looking around, Haru and Ty Lee found Appa's shedded fur and quickly followed it. They found the team later on that night and helped them catch up. Thanks to Ty Lee, he became a part of Team Avatar, which he felt a part of already since he was helping Ty Lee out in her endeavour.

As they were flying over the Foggy Swamp, Haru was basically daydreaming the whole time. When the subject of landing occurred, Haru pointed out that it might not be such a good idea, agreeing with Katara. Despite this, they ended up lost into the Foggy Swamp thanks to Ita and Zura. Haru ended up alone and was trying to find his new teammates. He began to feel a bit bad for being a bad teammate for getting lost so early on, but he ended up on the offensive when Ita and Zura appear. Haru made a horn out of the dirt and called the others, but the spirits destroyed that. Luckily, Haru was found by everyone else thanks to that. He tried to keep the others calm when Ita and Zura revealed themselves, but he ended up spooked when they popped up in his face seconds later. He tried to keep the rest of the time calm until Appa and Momo were brought to them.

When the group arrived in Gaoling, Haru noticed Aang was having trouble and decided to try to help him out. Here, Aang told him about his embarrassment in the swamp and Haru managed to help him get over it, saying Zura could have easily been fooling around with them instead of showing the real thing, which made Aang feel better. Haru kept it in stride and tagged along with the others as they met June and when they went to the Beifongs.


Haru fights back

Haru's unique earthbending

Haru is a good earthbender and often uses his hands for earthbending instead of his feet, like usual earthbenders.

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