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Fanon:The Monk of Fools

"Haru's Play" is the prologue of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


In the great hall of the Fire Nation Palace in the Capital, crowds had gathered to watch a play. Although the important guests were not there yet, the crowd was restless.

Spectators bustled for space in the packed hall. A small group had even knocked out a window and sat high above, overlooking the stage. They shouted for the play to start. Leading them was Zhao. Zhao was currently not happy. The play had not started. This made him even more angry. Sitting there like a vulture he watched the crowd and the stage. He was dressed in a commander's uniform. It should be noted that he had been thrown out of the navy for having a temper that were bigger than his side-burns. It was his temper that had cost him his job when he accidentally attacked a commanding officer. Zhao was now a man who constantly went to his foster-brother for money. It's not that he was terrible at making money. It is just that he had tended to spend his money all in one place. "Begin at once!" demanded Zhao. This demand would be met soon.

The actor's were frightened of the mob. Although the ambassadors and royal guests hadn't arrived, the play began.

However, the performance was soon interrupted. An young man in out-dated armour with a top-knot and shaven head with a scar on the left side of his face climbed onto the stage and shouted over the actors, begging for money. "Charity, I beg you!" called the young man.

The boy who wrote the play, Haru, was angry at the interruption. This was his chance for fame and fortune.

At that moments, the guests of honor arrived. They were there to celebrate the marriage of the King's son to Toph of Gaoling. But they were late.

The crowd was now noisy and unruly and had forgotten all about the play, Haru, and the young beggar, Zuko.

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