Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Harry Potter (The Firebenders) in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.


Harry was born on July 31 1980, living with his parents until their death in 1981, from there on he has been living with his muggle relatives the Dursleys, he was found nearly dead in his cupboard room by the spirit of fire, who converted his magic to firebending and fixed his eyesight while healing him and transporting him a world, Azula then found him unconscious, which upon Harry then opened his eyes, leading her to mistakenly call him an earthbender, he later proved her wrong when he showed his ability to firebend, leading Ozai to adopt him as a son.

While Azula liked Harry and felt close to him, Zuko hated Harry due to the fact Ozai preferred Harry much more than him, Iroh met Harry after Ozai was crowned as Fire Lord and attempted to keep him away from Ozai's influence while Ursa, Ozai's wife and Harry's step mother wasn't there long enough to form an opinion about him due to being banished shortly after Ozai's coronation and Azulon's death.

Four Years Later

Azula and Harry have turned twelve and training with each other in the courtyard, Harry teases Azula she had grown slow, prompting her to smirk and launch a barrage of blue fireballs, Azula and Harry continue to fight, Iroh approaches causing Harry and Azula to switch to their fake personalities as Iroh asked about how training went causing Azula to glare at Iroh while Harry challenged him to an Agni Kai only to be refused, Iroh reminds Harry and Azula about the state dinner, causing Harry to glare at Iroh while Azula said they will be there, Iroh asks if they will join him for a game of Pai-Sho and tea leading Azula to say that perhaps she will join, Iroh leaves to find Zuko and remind him about the state dinner, Harry goes to his room to call his servant Chan before meditating, Harry tells him to alert him two hours before the state dinner, Chan returns two hours later to wake up Harry who thanks him and goes to shower, Harry is later seen attending the dinner nervous by Azula, who is suspicious since Harry was never nervous before at a dinner, Harry goes to talk to Iroh about something and hides it as just going to play Pai-Sho with later, Harry later at night accompanies Azula to her room before going to see Iroh causing her to frown.

two weeks later Azula is concerned about Harry because he acts strange, he avoids her and when he does see her he is acting strange, is constantly tired and sneaking out of the palace in peasant clothes, which is weird because Harry hates peasant clothes, later at night Azula is waiting for Harry to sneak out of his room and when he is out, he seemed odd with his slouched posture, causing Azula to think about the fact he usually stood straight and his hair usually tied in a topknot was loose and falling down to his shoulders covering his eyes, Harry walks away giving Azula the chance to sneak into his room, later Harry is at a river transfor into his Crocodile wolf form, surveying the land one name passed through its head, that of Azula, Harry, still transformed senses something in his territory, sniffing the air, it identifies a Komodo-Rhino causing it to go into haunting mode, it catches Azula's komodo rhino and eats it, it then focuses it's attention on Azula causing her to gasp.

Harry transforms back and apologises to Azula, Harry transforms and takes Azula to the palace where her leg would be casted, when close enough to the palace Azula gets off Obsidian and Harry transforms back to a human, Azula cups his cheek and tells him it wasn't his fault, Harry agrees and helps Azula get to the palace and on the way Harry confesses as well, later Azula's leg is healed by a waterbender who wanted a better cell and they talk about what to do with Obsidian.

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