By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Scarred Azula
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Firebending, Lightningbending


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Glaze, HoundDoom

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Knight Cooper PT3

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Agni Kai

Harlem is Azula's other form during the Slenderman event. Harlem came to be from Azula's capturement and brainwash, thus making Azula into Harlem. Harlem shares many similarities from the regular Azula but she has a scar sliced on her side and had even lost an eye. She even has her own unique false history so she doesn't get so easily recognized. Her past consists of Zuko killing her father, and was the one who scarred her for life (though the truth is Switchblade scarred her). She wanted revenge purely on Zuko for his false actions.


She is able to firebend and lightningbend much like Azula but her lightningbending is much more controlled, as she is able to direct and redirect it much more easily than regular lightningbending.


This form "appears" when Azula returns from being captured and brainwashed and had convinced Penelope to join the SCP. Ever since the attack on Azula, Harlem was in control and was the one who keeps trying to kill Team Avatar when they return from the Cooper World. She especially wanted to get even with Zuko for the longest time and when it finally came to the Agni Kai, she insists on finishing Zuko off. However, Zuko eventually wins and it was thanks to Azula's deceased mother, who showed Azula her true history, that Harlem disappeared from memory.

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