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Twin blades strapped to his forearms


Haruka, Sokka, Suki, Wei, Kumaro, Aditi, Saif, Toph, Aknur, Pallav, Ila, Kun, Rin, Lo Gan, Earth Kingdom


Mainyu, Savas, Yudo, Rajit, Phoenix Estates

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Chapter VIII:Battle for the Northern Mountains


Hari was the first child of Sokka and Suki. He lived on Kyoshi Island along with his family. When news of the war reached his island, he disobeyed his parents and left to fighting the war.

During his time away from his family, he met up with Haruka, and later the Earth Kingdom forces of Toph and Saif. He then fought in the Retaking of Gaipan. Later he fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier by dropping bombs on the trebuchets from Appa.

Later he defeated a pair of imperial Firebenders along with Haruka and Wei. The threesome then saved Kumaro and Aditi from Bharato.

After the battle, they decided to go to the Northern Water Tribe. He fought in the Battle over the North by fighting some Phoenix Estates non-benders.

Immediately afterwards he helped rescue Kumaro. During that rescue, he was beaten by Yudo, though he was conscious when it happened unlike his allies Lo Gan and Wei. He was going to be dropped out of the bomb bay, when Kumaro showed up and took the twins hostage, forcing Mainyu to release him.

Later, he helped repair damage done to the Northern Water Tribe for some time. Eventually, after doing a small amount of rebuilding, he began to socialize with Haruka, until Aditi found him.

After that, he went to the Fire Nation to assist in their war effort. When the group stopped at the Northern Air Temple, he trained along with the new group member Lo Gan. During that training, Lo and Hari spoke a little, and Hari found out Lo was married to Rin.

Later, when they went to Ember Island as a point to enter the Fire Nation, he ran into his father. His father was not happy that he had disobeyed him, and he was not happy that his father thought he had made the wrong choice. While one Ember Island, he trained his sister Adva and oversaw a sparring match between her and Azara. Later he fought with his rival Rajit in a sparring match judged by Saif, and lost. Afterwards, he was selected to be a part of a mission to rescue governess Sakura. The mission was a success, however he fled east along with the his friend to escape the Phoenix Estates. He later fought in the Battle for Ember Island, and the Landing in the South.

He was also part of a group of people Kumaro selected to go with him to infiltrate a Phoenix Estates city. He later fought against the Rough Rhinos, and was selected to scout ahead in a Fire Nation jungle. While there, he found a tribal community. He traveled to Ba Sing Se after he fought in the Battle for Aggni.


Hari is willing to fight, and will even look for an excuse to do so. He doesn't really think things through, unless it is made obvious to him he must.


Hari is a skilled fighter, and learned his blade handling from who many consider to be the best, his father.

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