By Gingalover Part of the Book Seven: Order continuity.
Spirit Hare
Hare Spirit
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Ep.9: The Battle at Laghima's Peak

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Ep.10: Instinct

The Hare Spirit is one of the many spirits who is part of the real world. It has the appearance of a large rabbit-like creature with rustic orange fur. The markings resemble that of Air Nomad tattoos, only white rather than sky blue.


The Hare Spirits lived regularly like the other spirits until after Taar affected Republic City. Upon finding people cursed by the Doll, the hares gathered and isolated them from other humans to avoid any injuries and attacks.

One of the Hare Spirits first makes its appearance during the Battle at Laghima's Peak, the Hare attacking one of Unalaq's dark spirits. It didn't participate directly in the battle, but it was spotted watching the battle from the peak itself by El Niño and P'Li. When the battle ended, the spirit followed them until they reached Ba Sing Se. While they were there, the Hare Spirit remained in hiding until Korra ran outside. It confronted Korra and El Niño but quickly took Korra and ran off with her.

The spirit brought Korra to an isolated canyon and kept an eye on her for a long while, along with other spirit hares, until her friends arrived. Upon seeing her get cured, the Hare that brought her there let her go.


The Hare Spirit possesses the basic abilities most spirits have. The Hare is able to travel at high speed over rough terrain. Being a spirit, it is able to sense the state of human beings, which the hares used to tell when a human became cursed by the Doll.

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