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The Unknown



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Jack Cross

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September 7th, 2012

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Sokka retreated from the beach house with his sword held at the ready. It had been a week since they had arrived here and already Lee was testing his battle skills to the limits. Suddenly, Lee bounded off the roof of the beach house and landed in a roll. He came up in a run and charged Sokka. Breaking off a chunk of bamboo, Sokka threw the branch like he would throw a frisbee. Lee forced himself into a spinning jump, going up and over the bamboo branch. Landing perfectly, he continued his charge. With a jumping lunge, Lee brought his blade down with a huge amount of strength behind it.

Sokka leapt back, parting Lee's blade with a slight glance from his own. Aang and the others watched as the two parried and trusted their blades, but each one only met air. Then Lee preformed a slight turn, kicking Sokka in the shoulder. Sokka was forced back slightly but he charged Lee with even more force. They swung their blades at each other with full force, and watched in shock as they skidded away in the dirt from them. Sokka moved to go after his own blade, but froze when Lee drew his gun.

"Always have a back up weapon," he said with a slight grin before he gave the gun a slight twirl and returned it to its place on his hip. Both of them went, recovered their blades, and returned to where the others were watching.

"That was amazing," said Suki. Sokka blushed slightly while Lee took a swig of water from a canteen. He then sat his sword to the side and walked back out into the yard.

"Zuko, I need to train with a firebender," he said. Zuko stood up straight from leaning on a post and walked out into yard as well.

"Don't you have firebenders were you come from?" asked Aang as both Lee and Zuko took a stance.

"Yes, but they're few and far between," he replied. Zuko unleashed a bolt of fire, followed by another and another. Lee dodged them quickly as he inched closer and closer to Zuko. The young Fire Nation Prince unleashed a swinging jump kick, resulting in a large wave of fire. Lee rushed forward and stuck his arms out like he was diving. Then he brought his arms away from each other in a breast stoke motion, parting the wave of fire.

"Did he just?" asked Katara in shock. Aang simply nodded, dumbstruck as he watched.

"What? What happened?" asked Toph, unable to see what was going on.

"Its Lee, he just Airbended," said Sokka. Out in the yard, the two benders exchanged various blows. Zuko sent out a large burst of fire while Lee slid under the burst and preformed a roundhouse kick. The wave of air parted the fire right in the middle and forced Zuko back into a palm tree. Now that the duel was over, everyone raced out to question Lee.

"You're an Airbender? Why didn't you tell us?" asked Aang. Lee lowered his head slightly, looking at the ground.

"It's not something you just announce back home," he said.

"Why? Are you ashamed that you have this gift?" asked Katara. But Lee looked up, anger in his eyes.

"It was the law, benders were not allowed to bend unless absolutely necessary. Failure to do so would result in jail time or worse," he said.

"Why would people impose laws against bending?" asked Zuko.

"They had lost faith in the arts, even the Avatar was no longer taking seriously by non benders," he said. Sokka folded his arms.

"Man, your world sure does act weird sometimes," he said.

"My world is just a parallel version of yours, what happened back home can very easily happen here," Lee replied. He left them and walked back to the beach house. In his room, he opened his pack and took out a small photograph. He smiled slightly at the image, looking at the girl depicted by it. Three of his fingers touched the girl in the photo, like he could actually touch her.

"Isabella," he whispered, tears forming in his eyes. A knock came at the door.

"It's open," he said, quickly wiping his eyes. Katara stepped into the room.

"You okay?" she asked. Lee nodded before he handed her the image.

"That's my world's Avatar," he said as she took the photograph.

"She's beautiful," she said, handing the photograph back to him. Lee nodded before he sat on his bed.

"I've been wondering, how is it that you world has an Avatar as well?" she asked. Lee leaned back and fought for a moment.

"There are twelve universes, twelve worlds in total. All of them orbit around each other, around a single black point at the center. Each one has its own Avatar and Avatar cycle," he said.

"And the bending?"

"Its like I said in the yard. This world and my world are parallel versions. Anything that can happen in one is more than possible in the other," he replied.

"So what's at the center?" she asked. Lee chuckled slightly.

"You're just full of questions aren't you? No one knows what lies at the center of everything. Some say a god lives there, others that there's a giant hole. One writer back home said that there was a tower there," he said. Katara laughed slightly.

"That all sounds crazy," she said. But Lee raised a finger.

"And each one of them is entirely possible," he said. Leaning back, Lee looked out the window.

"I'm going to tell you a saying that the Gunslingers use to have. 'Never try to learn everything, because something will always change'," he said.

"What does that mean?"

"It means that out of all the supposedly impossible things, the only one truly impossible is for a human to know everything. Not even the Avatar can learn everything, it's the only truly impossible thing," he said. Katara nodded in understanding before she turned to leave. Then she suddenly changed her mind and looked back at him.

"Just two more questions," she said. Lee gave her a look, waiting for her to speak.

"Is Lee your real name?" Lee leaned back for a second as he considered weather to tell her the truth or not.

"No, its not," he finally answered. Katara didn't react, as she had been expecting this. He watched her for any sort of reaction, but none came.

"How long do you plan on being here, what ever your real name is?" she asked. Lee looked back out the window, out to the sea.

"In order for Aang to be able to fully search his past lives he needs peacetime. So I'm going to be here until the War ends," he answered.

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