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By Bridgetterocks Part of the Avatar: The Legend of James continuity.
Haori Profile
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation


Fire Nation Capital



Physical description


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Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)





Fire Lord Kuzo, Fire Nation


Avatar James

Chronological and political information

Fire Lord's right-hand man


Fire Nation, Fire Lord Kuzo



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Voiced by

Sab Shimono



Haori was Fire Lord Kuzo's father's friend when they were teens. After Kuzo's father was crowned Fire Lord, he hired Haori as his right-hand man, threatening him with murder if he rebelled. He didn't agree with him telling Kuzo stories of Fire Lord Ozai and how Avatar Aang and "traitor" Fire Lord Zuko defeated him, making Fire Nation equal to the rest of them, when they were superior. Kuzo's father was afraid to carry on with a plan to defeat the rest of the nations while waiting for a new Avatar in the Earth Kingdom.

Teaching Kuzo

Haori taught Kuzo firebending and was surprised at his ability. He tried to convince Kuzo that Fire Nation was equal to all of them, but Kuzo didn't trust him and believed what his father taught him, the Avatar and the other nations were his enemies.

Fire Lord Kuzo

After Kuzo's father died, Kuzo was crowned Fire Lord. Kuzo waited a few weeks for an Avatar to be born in the Earth Kingdom, but that didn't happen, so as no Avatar was there to protect the rest, he carried on the plan he made up with his father: destroy the other nations. Haori disliked it, but Kuzo threatened him with murder if he rebelled, so he stood silent.


Haori is a kindhearted old wise man, he disliked the idea of a huge Fire Nation destroying the rest, but he was oppressed by the Fire Lord's orders.



Haori is a very talented firebender, he taught Kuzo firebending, and was surprised by how good his apprentice was.


Kuzo's father

Haori was Kuzo's father's right-hand man and former friend, until the Fire Lord threatened him with death if he expressed his thoughts, which were very different from the Lord's ones.


Haori's relationship with Kuzo before he was crowned was very close, as the old man taught him firebending, and always tried to take out of his mind his father's thoughts, but he failed. When Kuzo was crowned, he turned into a monster like his father, and his relationship with the old man was destroyed, as he threatened him with murdering him, as Kuzo's father did once. Haori dislikes Kuzo's plans and has hope that sooner or later, a new Avatar will be born and defeat the Lord.

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