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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Ex-General Senlin, Crime Boss Baotu, Qian Zei, Dufan the Fencer, Hei Shichang gang


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Book 1: Air Chapter 9: The Escape

Haoke is the minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. She is a criminal/prisoner assistance agent who helps criminals and/or escaped prisoners to leave the city and begin "life anew". Haoke, is also a master swordswoman, and only wields her sword during a contract for Baotu, she is also a supporting character in the chapter, Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity.


Born into a middle-class family, raised correctly, Haoke was always known as a hospitable person. Due to her son's imprisonment, something inside the woman broke and she soon turned her life to crime when her son was thrown in prison and then killed by Earth King Ta Po.

Ba Sing Se's Underground

Searching for the Ba Sing Se's Underground crime boss at the time, she was directed by a man to the exact location of him. Pleading with the crime boss to help her out, he finally granted her request, criminals had helped her son escape from the prison.

In return, Haoke had to devote her life to the gang, and harbor criminals and fugitives within her home. Assisting them and helping them leave the city, and sometimes leading them to him hopes of the crime boss, give them a new identity and also giving them a head start in their "new life".

Harboring all kinds of criminals, from thieves, to murderers, Haoke has helped them all, in return also getting paid large amounts of gold. Haoke, at a very young age was also trained in swordsmanship, mastering it at the age of 17.

The death of her son had occurred, he was personally killed by Earth King Ta Po, she vowed to assassinate him one day, when the time is right.

One day, a Ba Sing Se guard came to her home looking for a man, that was wanted. She laid low for two years, sending the criminals to the crime boss himself.

After the two years, she was very old and began to live life as an old woman, beginning to harbor fugitives again.

Encounter with Senlin

Haoke encountered Senlin walking into the Middle Ring, and noticed he was wearing prisoner clothing under all that dust and dirt.

She approached him and began assisting him by making him shower, giving him new clothing in which she calls it "threads", cooking him dinner, and sending him off to the crime boss, who leads him out of the prison.

And does a mission with Senlin, in means of Baotu assisting him on leaving the city.

Ba Sing Se Prison

Baotu, tasks Taofan and Haoke to go back to the prison in stealth, and find and rescue Baotu's finance man, he was thrown into prison for robbing a lower ring back in north lower ring.

Senlin and Haoke go back to the prison, and rescue the man named Qian Zei, all in one night. They do not alarm any guards as they do it in secret.

The Assassination

Baotu, grants Senlin his request, but before he leaves the city, he proposes another contract, one with Haoke. Senlin makes a promise to Haoke, that justice will be served, not knowing what he meant, Haoke agreed, and Senlin described the mission.

Baotu, called him crazy, telling him its high risk contract, it could get them both killed, but he liked the way he thinks. Haoke and Senlin, are requested the contract to murder the forty first Earth King.

It is midnight at this time, where Haoke and Senlin, make their way to Upper Ring, by a series of tunnels that the Dixia have built and placed green crystals to light the way.

The tunnel leads to the upper ring, just a couple yards away from the palace, Haoke and Senlin enter the palace with caution, sneaking past guards, eventually arriving at the Earth King's quarters, where just down the hallway Haoke and Senlin are in stealth.

The two men grow suspicious and they both walk into the dark hallway, nothing is heard but a snapped neck, and slicing of a sword going through flesh. They sneak into his room, where Ta Po is asleep. Haoke kills the Earth King, by slicing his throat with a small dagger.

They jump out the window, into a large bush that breaks their fall, and they head back to the south east lower ring where the Dixia gang calls home. Returning to Baotu, he gives Senlin what he came for, and dismisses Haoke.


  • Unknown son (Son)


Born a non-bender, Haoke trained in the art of swordsmanship. Mastering the art at the age of 17. She wields the large sword even for a 84-year-old woman.



  • Haoke is Chinese for "hospitality".
  • Haoke was just the character that would help Senlin out of Ba Sing Se, but I thought it was boring so I added the crime boss guy.
  • Haoke was planned as an undercover crime boss.

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