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Anxiety and Exhaustion

Haoke is the wife of Chang whom she lives with in their estate. She is a sensitive and caring woman, and she reveres the Avatar, as evidenced by how she responded to learning of Aang's status as the Avatar. She loves her husband dearly, and spends all of her time enjoying his company when he is home and missing him when he is gone.


Chang departed for Chin Village early in the morning before The Rescue. Much later, Haoke began to worry as the expected time of his return passed. Night came, and her husband was still gone. Sick with worry over her husband's absence, Haoke tried to find him by sending servants to all nearby villages, but none of them were able to gather any signs to report of Chang's whereabouts. As midnight approached, Haoke sat alone in her home, hoping that her beloved Chang would come back to her. She eventually fell asleep in her waiting, and woke up in the afternoon of the next day to discover that he hadn't. The woman searched every corner of their estate, and returned to the living room after a fruitless search. As all hope drifted from her heart, she broke down on the couch in a mess of tears.

Later that night, Haoke was overwhelmed with joy at the sight of Chang entering through the front door. The couple greeted each other with a loving embrace, and Chang introduced his rescuers to her. Haoke was most thankful for their help, agreeing without a second thought to share her home and all its contents with the guests. However, things took a turn for the worst when Aang delivered terrible news to Haoke and her husband, putting her in a state of shock and fear.


  • Haoke's name (好客) translates to "hospitable" in Chinese.
  • Haoke is a skilled cook and specializes in bean curd puffs, though her husband does not care for them.

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