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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Fleeting Peace.

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Hanta is a main character in the series Fleeting Peace. He is a rogue assassin that feverishly chases his prey until they are dead.


Hanta's past still, for the most part, remains shrouded in mystery. He is world-renowned, however, especially among the elite of various countries, and has been so since he took a job for a Western dictator.

When Hanta was still a fairly young man, his beloved wife was murdered. Through his rage and depression, he managed to track down the murderer. Due to this occurrence, Hanta ironically found his "true calling" as an assassin.

It is also known that Hanta was often pressured to participate in certain tasks during his youth, although so far, specifics are unknown.

A New Job

Hanta was called to Vuon by Lord Zen, the dictator of aforementioned country, to fulfill a task lined up for him. He met with General Wai, who gave him a scroll and a photograph of his target. Wai was uneasy with the meeting, especially after Hanta burned the scroll in front of him. Hanta accepted the job, not knowing it would become a nuisance.

Tracking Lin

Hanta's first step to chasing his target was to interrogate her mother, Song. He dropped by at her home in Vuon, calling himself "Mr. Tong" and claiming he was a policeman, and asked Song where her daughter was. Song lied, saying Lin was running errands, but her deception was inept and her husband ruined it by contradicting her. Jing Lee, Song's husband and Lin's stepfather, told Hanta that he hadn't seen Lin for some weeks. Song then admitted Lin had headed east, to Minh, a nearby country. Hanta then departed from Song's home, handing Jing Lee a scroll that would convince the man to have his wife arrested.

Hanta went straight to Minh and made it to the coastal city. He immediately found her trail among a group of pirates. After harassing the captain, Sao Feng, for information, Sao Feng grew tired of the questions and signalled for two of his minions to throw Hanta out of his shop. Hanta, however, quickly killed one of the cronies; Sao Feng then consented to take Hanta to Omashu.


Hanta possesses a number of character traits that make him repulsive to others, including but not limited to sadism, narcissism, and perfectionism. He is also obsessive and enjoys showing off. However, the hardy assassin once had a soft side, as he was almost torn apart emotionally by the death of his wife; he only found mental stability by becoming the man he is today.

He also has a dry sense of humor, although he is yet to display this.


Hanta is a master of stealth and deception. He has very acute senses and instincts. He was able to lie convincingly to Song in order to gain information about her daughter's whereabouts. He is also a very proficient Firebender, and, unlike most benders, he can generally get away with using his ability in public.

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