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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.
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Haneul is the son of Meelo and is the Airbender teaching Avatar Ishio Airbending in Emblem of the Outlaw. His mother was killed by New New Team Avatar, and after being unable to kill Ishio, Haneul agreed to teach him Airbending. In Book Two, it is revealed that Haneul suffers from a deadly disease which is and has been slowly killing him.


Haneul and Ishio are extremely similar. They are both knuckle-heads who do not consider their situations much before taking action. The most notable difference between Haneul and Ishio is Haneul's excessive level of stubbornness. No matter what happens, once he decides to do something he will continue to do it. Even with his disease, Haneul is insistent upon teaching the Avatar Airbending.



Though the degree of Haneul's Airbending has not been stated, it is assumed that he is a master Airbender. Despite being bedridden for most of his childhood, Haneul was still instructed in Airbending by his father, Meelo. He has a deep enough knowledge of the art to pass it onto Avatar Ishio. After the end of Book Two, Haneul wields an Airbending staff, given to him by Master Bingwen when the temple was attacked. However, it is assumed that upon his capture by United Republic, his staff was confiscated.


  • Haneul means "heaven, sky" in Korean
  • Before finalizing his character, Haneul had several different concepts. First, he was a Master Airbender in his late twenties who left the temple because he disagreed with their values. Then, he was an angsty ten-year-old who could still kick Ishio's a**. For a while, he was also a woman and romantic interest for Ishio. Finally, he became this lovable, stubborn invalid.
  • By the beginning of Book Three, Frost is the only character who does not know Haneul's name. Thus, she refers to him as "Whitey" because of his hair color.

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