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Earth Kingdom ravaged
Hancun Village
Physical information

North-Western Earth Kingdom


Small city

Form of Government

Local democracy, loyal to Earth Kingdom central Government


Earth King Kuei

First appearance


Hancun Village is a town in the North-Western Earth Kingdom.


Hancun was one of the first villages in the Earth Kingdom occupied by the Fire Nation during the War. It was completely subjugated, with its citizens forced to pay taxes to the Fire Nation military. The town's exports were also seized, making the taxes incredibly difficult to afford.

After decades of captivity, The War ended, freeing the town. The village's economy rebounded quickly, though the town remained unimportant relative to other, larger ports.

Eventually, rebels who wanted to restart the War invaded and captured Hancun. Ironically it was the Fire Nation's military, the very force that had captured the village, freed it a month later. Lead by Jeong Jeong, the Fire Nation military drove the Phoenix Warriors out of the town and freed the last city in the Earth Kingdom from Firebender oppression.


The town is situated in the North-Western part of the Earth Kingdom, located on the shores on the Hancun river that flows past the village. For unknown reasons, the river gets wider as it goes further inland. Local lore says this is the remnants of a war between the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes, but the historians disagree.

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