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The Great Forest (In a vision)

Hanbao was an earthbender and former soldier in the Earth Kingdom. He then served the rebel warlord Lesun in The Iseran Rebellion.


Hanbao was an average citizen in the Southern Earth Kingdom. As an earthbender, he joined the army where he was stationed under a powerful officer named Lesun. Lesun would rebel and make Iseran his headquarters whilst preparing for war.

While spoken down to often, Hanbao is actually one of the higher ranked rebels in Lesun's ranks and is counted on to lead in battle. Hanbao followed orders and continued in the raids. He would fight the Avatar in Teira where he at first lost but then came back after Lesun chastised him. He showed himself to be a very powerful fighter if he wished it.

Hanbao was on watch duty days before the planned invasion of Omashu by the Iseran rebels. A massive sandstorm had taken the region. It had effectively masked the ambush by loyal Earth Kingdom forces from Michyu. Hanbao was the first to warn the rebels and fought on.

When the Dosh Rak-transformed Lesun was killed by the Avatar, he fought to death with Tiros, knowing that he would be caught anyways and that was his duty as a soldier.

Personality and Traits

Hanbao is considered ugly for his facial features, which include an enormous hawk nose. He seems shy, lazy and unintelligent. This behavior however hides a truly innovative warrior who can keep his cool in combat. Hanbao is capable of fighting an Avatar for a brief period of time and show extreme resilience to pain and damage.

As a rebel in Lesun's army, he often gripes about his bad luck and how things always happen to him. Hanbao hates most of what he does but is determined to follow his orders.

Hanbao Continuity

This Hanbao is just one of several that spans multiple fanons. The others include Heiress of the Nile and Moon Drops. This is because Hanbao was meant to be an example of a bad name as it means hamburger, but Lady Lostris decided to use it because of Minnichi's article arguing against it.


  • In the story, Hanbao invented the technique of rock gloves.
  • Hanbao is rather unlucky.

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