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Usually between 30 and 50

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Bulky, muscular

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Reddish brown

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Hanbao is a recurring minor character throughout multiple fanon series on the Fanon Portal.

His character began as part of Issue 15 of March 25, 2013 of The White Lotus Sentinel under the Fanon Urban Dictionary entry "Name Definitions" as an example of a poor OC name selection. The name Hanbao means hamburger in Chinese and had the opposite affect on Sentinel readers than desired. Instead of steering away from a name like Hanbao, users embraced it and immediately drew out plans for him to become an accepted recurring minor character gag for the entire realm of fanon.

Harpalyce was the first one to utter the idea of creating a character with this name, something Lady Lostris thought to be an excellent idea. As such, she was the first to make Hanbao come to life in chapter 9 of Heiress of the Nile. He was first introduced as an earthbending desert robber, and while his birth nation, bending abilities, appearance, and streak of bad luck remain relatively the same overall, Hanbao's professions and roles within each fanon are extremely varied.

The Many Tales of Hanbao

Hanbao is an unlucky soul with the ability to move the earth. However, with his bulky, muscular appearance, reddish brown hair, and brown eyes, this middle-aged man managed to conquer the fanon portal by appearing in various fanon stories, though his specific skills, traits, and personality are subject to change, depending on the story he appears in.

Here is a list of all the fanons participating in the "Hanbao Fanon Portal Takeover" and how they have expanded the character from a myth into a legend.

Heiress of the Nile

Main article: Fanon:Hanbao (HotN)
"Were those mosquito bites the best you can do, little girl? Pity, I'd expected more from you after your defiant actions. I guess it is true after all what they say, 'barking cat dogs don't bite' . . . especially not when they're bitches. So why not do yourself a favor and just hand over your pretty jewelry yourself, and I promise I'll make it quick."
―Hanbao threatening Seraphine in Heiress of the Nile, Chapter 9 - Friend and Foe.

In Lady Lostris's Heiress of the Nile, Hanbao came to be after the author could not resist the temptation of an encounter with her character Seraphine that would ultimately "fry" the "unlucky burger" (obviously a reference to the man's ironic name). He has been introduced as a skilled, earthbending, desert robber with an impressive ego.

Bad luck streak: he encounters a battle-eager Seraphine, who was looking for "a bark to sharp her claws on, to prove to the world that she still had it, that she had not gone soft, and there was no better wood to be found than a desert robber".

Dreams of Melasa

Main article: Fanon:Hanbao (DoM)

In The Snowbold's fanon, Dreams of Melasa, portrays Hanbao as a luckless earthbending thug who just doesn't know how to shut his mouth. He can't seem to stay out of trouble, his boss can't die, and as time goes by, Hanbao becomes witness to just how much worse things are about get for himself. Things only get worse when his boss seeks to face the Avatar and his witch mistress. Hanbao appears to be a lazy and uncoordinated fighter but this disguises what is actually a very skilled warrior who is innovative and industrious. Hanbao first fought against the Avatar in Teira. Hanbao would eventually die in the last battle of Iseran charging the Avatar when Lesun was killed in battle.

Bad luck streak: Hanbao considers himself unlucky for his circumstances. As an officer stationed at Iseran, his commander, Lesun, rebelled and Hanbao followed his orders. He thinks it is unfortunate that he had to end up at that station and to be ranked high enough to catch the warlord's attention. When not trying too hard, he fights in a lazy manner that gets him hurt and humiliated.

Moon Drops

Kugumi has yet to add Hanbao into her series Moon Drops. However, she has outlined a future sub-plot incorporating him as a potential love interest for Ikki's daughter Ji-Lan. His primary role within Kugumi's world, however, will be as one of Bonzu's devoted pro-bending fanboys.

Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes

In AvatarRokusGhost's fanon Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes, Hanbao is a member of the Terra Team who serves with Ratana during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. Hanbao always had a habit of getting himself into trouble with his reckless behavior on and off the battlefield. Along with his loud mouth and short temper, he is a constant frustration to his commanding officers and also oftentimes those serving alongside him. He is often reliant on his Terra Team partner (and secret lover) Indigo to calm him down and bring him back down to Earth.

Bad luck streak: When General Sung suspects the true nature of Hanbao and Indigo's relationship, he splits the two partners up, with Hanbao fighting alongside Ratana and Indigo going to serve with Tooru. Hanbao advances deep into the Fire Nation-controlled area, with Ratana at his heels. Although he does substantial damage while there, he is ultimately killed in action, and upon Ratana's return, Indigo laments that he was not there to help Hanbao stay alive once again, and refers to his dead boyfriend as his "precious burger".

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