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Han is the son of the Governor of Fire Fountain City, formerly serving as a Second-in-Command during the Siege of Omashu. Against the standard beliefs that most Fire Nation members display, he seeks to "commune with the fire and to become one with the element". He is currently under the training of Qing Tong, a banished Sun Warrior who escaped execution.


Son of the current Governor of the newly rebuilt Fire Fountain City, Han has been alive since several years before the start of the main series. When the Avatar was seen to have "returned" to the world, the shrine where Han and his mother visited occasionally began to shine brightly with a heavenly orange light. His mother remarked to her son that "war is upon us" startling the pre-teen Han. He would become furious with the events that the Fire Nation would continue with, including the movement of his father to the city of Omashu and the Fire Nations ways of their assault on the Northern Water Tribe. He was remarked to even spit at, at the time Captain Zhao for his "incompetent way of leading his troops". For this action, Han was almost taken away by Zhao's men until a man stopped Zhao and his men from harming Han. Threatening to return to take custody of the boy and put him in jail, Zhao would not return as the events involving the Avatar Aang would come soon afterwards.

Fearing the return of the Fire Nation soldiers, Han sought the man who saved him's help as he was clearly a skilled Fire Bender. The man claimed that it would go against his own style to train someone of the Fire Nation, but saw the fiery passion that Han had for returning the nation to its old ways and to be rid of their new ways of going about. Trained to "commune with fire", Han became a master firebender within the year. After a year had passed, word would reach Han's ear of the "death of the Avatar" which brought great sadness to his master who still never revealed his name to Han. He claimed that the Avatar was the last thing the world had for redemption, and that even with the training Han received, it wouldn't be enough.

His master would disappear, only leaving a bronze bladed dagger with a circular black handle for the boy. Continuously training, Han's father would return from Omashu and once again take up his role as Governor of Fire Fountain City. It would be one week before the Invasion of the Fire Nation that Han would have a vision. The vision would come to him by the former Fire Nation Avatar before Roku. The one who was said to have "crafted the volcano's", would reveal that he is the great grandfather of Han and that Han himself was spiritually related to Aang. The former Avatar would reveal to Han, that even thought it wasn't his destiny to change the world it was Han's destiny to fulfill the old regime of the Fire Nation. With that, Han left his home in Fire Fountain City and travel through the world teaching his method of "Pure Fire Bending" different than even his powerful master, that rumored to be as strong as the Avatar themselves.

He would return to his home once, to resupply and greet his parents. He would return exactly the same day that a certain event would change history forever. The battle of the Avatar versus the Fire Lord would begin, marking history for the better. The outcome of the war would reach his home within the next day, where he would be ecstatic to hear of the fall of the tyrant Ozai. The coronation of Fire Prince Zuko, would be the stepping stone that Han would take to go back out and resume his teachings. Along the way, he would also come to joint he Order of the White Lotus and meet several memorable characters along the way.


A fiery spirited teen, Han often remarks to being the embodiment of what the Fire Nation should be. He often ridicules the Fire Nation for their brute-ish tactics and has no shame in going against the higher ups of the army. Going as far as to spit at Captain and later Admiral Zhao, he would use this moment in history to build up his powers along the way. Han is seen to be quite spiritual, having the ability to even commune with his ancestor who was in fact a former Avatar. This lineage changed Han, making him want to not only change the Fire Nation but to reform all within with the will of good heart, something that Fire Lord Zuko would help instill in years to come.

Han angers rarely, and has shown to keep calm quite often. Never lashing out against others, he has wraps under his aggression and other powerful emotions. Because of this he has attained a different style of Fire Bending that is known to resemble that of the Sun Warriors. The irony would be that his Fire Bending Master would turn out to be a former Sun Warrior who also seeks to reform, although his status remained unclear after his departure.

Han isn't very superficial, but he has shown to enjoy things of unique design. His own staff, is crafted from a fabled bamboo that could heal any wound. He adorns himself in very simplistic clothing, another homage to his spiritual ways. Despite being spiritual, he does enjoy to continue eating meat as he claims that "we all have a mission, some missions were to become delicious food".


Skilled in multiple fields of combat, Han has shown to center around the use of Fire Bending along with the use of his signature staff. The unique part about his staff, is its ability to break into three sections held together by a cord within the body of the staff. This allows him to fluidly move the staff to his liking as well as combine it with his Fire Bending. Despite the stave's wood body, it has a resistance to his Fire Bending as the wood itself is "as pure as the flame". He has shown to be a skilled hand-to-hand fighter as well, overpowering several Swampy-styled Water benders with his mostly his hands alone.

His use of small blade weapons are also quite skillful, as he carries with him multiple small daggers and throwing knives at all times. Able to bend fire around them to increase their intensity, allowing him to control their direction as well.

Fire Bending

Skilled in the field of Fire Bending, Han does not utilize the standard Fire Bending that other benders use. He lets the flame guide him, and does not use brutish tactics to "demean" the flame. The flame, gathered in his hands moves on its own as if it were an extension of himself and he has stated that his techniques mimic the dragons themselves. His style rivals that of the Sun Warriors, and seems to move through a style reminiscent of a traditional Fire Nation dance. The name of his style is lost in time but he has ironically nicknamed it the Dance of the Phoenix King (凤凰舞王, Fènghuáng wǔ wáng).

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