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Twin hammers attached to chains


Quiver, Blade, Ka-Boom, Grain, Wei, Toph, Saif, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation


Alden, Xin Fu, June, Nid, Yu, Phoenix Estates

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Police officer

First appearance

Chapter VI:Wei's Journey

Biographic information

Hammer worked along with his friends Blade, Quiver, Ka-Boom, and Grain to stop drug dealing in the Si Wong Desert. He and his friends helped get Wei across the desert when Wei helped them steal some cactus juice. Later, he helped to arrest Alden by knocking him over so Ka-Boom could put him in hand cuffs. Hammer later travelled to the Fire Nation, after being recruited by Toph and Saif to fight in the war in the Fire Nation. While there, he found an octoparrot who he chased for a long distance. After a while, the octoparrot gained his trust, and began to share food with him. Hammer thought is was only fitting to return the favor, and took the octoparrot as a new friend. He later fought in the Battle for The Fire Nation, as well as the Landing in the South. He also fought to defend the Fire Nation-Earth Kingdom camp from the Phoenix Estates.


Hammer is not a very intelligent person, as seen in Wei's Journey, he could not tell that one plus one plus two is not five. Nevertheless, he is still a valued member of the group.


Hammer is an extremely strong person, as he was able to take two jars of cactus juice while the rest of his group could only take one each. He is also strong enough to hold his own against Xin Fu in a fist fight.

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