Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Half Avatar Ming Jay in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Ming Jay The Half Avatar

My name is Ming Jay, I'm the Half Avatar. Yes, there is such a thing called Half Avatar. Believe what you want, you know deep down it's true. The reason why I wasn't in the series is because I hate being on TV. Not my thing. Anyway, I'm going to tell you my story. But before I do I'll tell you a little bit about the Half Avatar legend. According to legend, The Half Avatar is there to take the place of the Avatar. They must learn three of the four elements. I must know them except the Avatar's birth element. If the Avatar can't fulfill his or her duties, I must learn their birth element. Problem is Air Nomads are extinct. I was also born in the Fire Nation. I guess who, you're wondering, who my best friend is? Who is he? Prince Zuko. I was with him on his travels. I joined him and his uncle not only because I'm his best friend, But hey, his entire crew is men, he would go nuts if he didn't have a girl on his crew. So, this is my story through the world.

Chapter 1: The Avatar Returns

It was just a lazy cold day one winter morning. I was sitting on the deck, relaxing like a normal day. Zuko was freaking out like usual and Iroh was playing some tile game which's name I kept forgetting. I had a rough night before. The high amounts of light from firebending and the constant stomping from the metal floors kept me up. I was ready to fall asleep when Zuko cried "Finally!" I opened my eyes to see a bright light coming from the sky. Are auroras usual in the South Pole?

"Uncle! Do you know what that light means?" Zuko asked.

"I don't get to finish my game?" asked Iroh. I chuckled when I heard that. I always liked Iroh. He has a good heart.

"No! It means The Avatar returned!" Zuko replied.

"Relax. It isn't him." I said to Zuko.

"YOU may think so Ming Jay, But I know it is him!"

"Puh-lease, Zuko. IF it was my other half, I would have a reaction to that light." My memory went blank after that sentence.

"Ming Jay! Are you alright?!" I heard someone scream. I opened my eyes and I was on the ground, Zuko was checking on me and we were soaking wet. "Take her to her quarters." Zuko ordered. A guard picked me up and took me to my room. What just happened? I lied in my bed thinking. Until Iroh came in my room and served me some tea. Iroh explained that after I seen that light, my eyes began to glow and I was walking forward and soon passed out in the water. Zuko jumped in and got me out before I drowned. I thanked Iroh for the tea and began to rest. Believe me, I needed it.

Chapter 2: The South Pole

Well, Zuko found the Avatar. I knew he would. A long time ago, Iroh and I made a bet with the crew. Iroh and I felt Zuko would find the Avatar. The Crew didn't. Guess who owes us a lot of gold. Ha Ha! Anyway, Zuko began to ready his raid on the Southern Water Tribe to find the Avatar. I joined him on his mission. Over my boots I added some guards and also some armor. I stood next to Zuko as the ship began to grow closer to The South Pole. The doors opened, Zuko, half the crew and I all walked out. We were "greeted" by a frightened village. Poor people. I hate it sometimes when we raid a village.

"Where is he?" Zuko screamed. No answer. "Don't act like you don't know where he is!" A not so good warrior began to charge at Zuko. I immediately froze the boy's feet in place.

"Katara!" The boy screamed. The girl who's named Katara stared at me. She knew who I was. Zuko grabbed an elderly woman and said the man he's after should be this age. That lousy warrior tried attacking again, but Zuko stopped him and I firebended him. My flames turned a light purple color. I didn't know I was that powerful. The Avatar soon came riding on a penguin and he knocked Zuko over. He was coming towards me but I jumped in the air and managed to dodge the attack.

"Looking for me?" said The Avatar.

"YOU?! You're the Avatar!" screamed Zuko. Hey, believe me, I was surprised as much as Zuko. I thought my other Half was much older, not someone who was younger than me. The boy surrendered and Zuko could never be happier. I haven't seen him so happy in such a long time. I was one of the people who had to take The Avatar to his cell. I managed to have a chat with him. His named turned out to be Aang and he was very surprised to find out I was his other half. I let the guards take care of Aang and I left to find Zuko and see if he was up for some Pai Sho. In the middle of our game, we heard the Avatar had escaped. I got up and quickly put the Pai Sho game away. Zuko and I hid until The Avatar came in. We fought the young boy, though I "pretended" to miss the Avatar when I attacked. Hey, I like the kid. I thought he was nice. He later escaped on his Bison with his friends.

"News to report to the Firelord," said Iroh. "The Avatar has returned and he's just a little kid."

"That kid just did this!" screamed Zuko. The whole ship was a wreck. It was also kind of my fault too. The Avatar entered the Avatar State and so did I.

"I'll get a broom," I replied. "And some glue." I walked off to find a broom. I also unfroze one of the soldiers while I was at it. I have a feeling, this is gonna be one crazy year.

Chapter 3: Zhao

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to make it through the night. I had another rough night. Zuko kept knocking stuff over yelling how he must find The Avatar. My room is right next to his room. To make it worse, where I sleep is near where Zuko was making his noise. I had to bang on the wall and yell at him to shut up and go to bed already. We arrived at the dock the next morning to make repairs. Some of the pieces I tried to fix were missing some metal so we needed help. I walked out of the ship with Iroh and Zuko. I had a slight headache. It's weird, because I barley get headaches.

"Ming Jay, Uncle, remember, while were making repairs don't tell how we got our ship wrecked," Zuko told us.

"You mean by the Avat-" Iroh and I both said before being cut off.

"Don't say his name! Especially around here!"

"Don't say whose name around here?" said a voice. Oh Lord. Not him, anyone but him! To be honest, I rather be facing Zuko's sister Azula (Who I hate) than this guy!

"Captain Zhao." Zuko muttered.

"It's Commander Zhao now. General Iroh, it's great to see you again," said Zhao.

"Retired General," Iroh replied.

"Right, and here is the lovely Half Avatar. Ming Jay." Oh brother don't make me throw up. I'm no princess buster.

"Good seeing you again." I lied. I hate the guy. He tried dating my mom after Dad left for war, I always hated him. Zhao asked what happened to our ship and we managed to lie our way through. He then invited us to tea which Iroh agreed to. As soon as I got in, I removed my shoes. Finally. When you know Earthbending, you have to stay connected to the ground. I only wear boots in the early to late winter to keep myself warm. Zhao tried his best to weasel out of us if we found the Avatar. Zuko, Iroh and I are way too smart for him. Too bad the crew is a bunch of idiots. Zhao had plans. To find my other half. Zuko soon challenged him to an Agni Kai. Great. Like one scar isn't enough for him! My headache seemed to of gotten worse when the Agni Kai came.

"Remember your training, Prince Zuko," Iroh said to Zuko. Zuko began to get in position for the Agni Kai.

"I need a minute, I'm gonna ask if they have any tea that cures headaches," I told Iroh. I left the arena to find some tea. This headache wasn't going away. Soon, I stopped in my tracks and tried moving on. But all I did was scream in pain. Iroh, Zuko and Zhao came running as soon as they heard me.

"What's wrong, Ming Jay!?" Zuko asked.

"I don't know!" I replied. Soon, everything went black. Before I knew it, I started getting flashbacks of a middle aged monk. I didn't know this guy, but it felt like he was a person who's important to me. I soon seen that monk's face turn into a skeleton. I felt saddened by this. This monk must have something to do with Aang. Before I knew it, I woke up and I landed on the ground. Zuko and Iroh came to my aid. Zhao was in shock at this site. Before he could call the guards on us. We made a run for it to our ship. The docks soon sank in the distance as we traveled to find Aang's next whereabouts.

Chapter 4: The North Pole

So yeah, I skipped a bit. I mean c'mon, I've been on a long adventure, sometimes people don't wanna hear the whole thing. Any way, I'll fill in what else happened to where I will tell this chapter right now. Zuko and I invaded Kyoshi Island (And were attacked by a group of female warriors, I swear one was a boy and woohoo! Girl power!), met a bunch of pirates and now, I do not think they're cool, Zuko mysteriously left for a night and returned with a bump on his head, Iroh got kidnapped by Earthbenders so while Zuko left to find him, he left me in charge (I also received a nice pedicure from the crew! Don't tell Zuko.) and we went to an Abbey where some chick named June and her shirshu Zuko hired almost attacked us all. I helped that waterbending girl from the South Pole create a wave of perfume (she definitely is talented)! That was fun and now I have some new perfumes to try out! Anyway, here's what happened. It was just music night on the ship. I was wearing my robe, nightgown and a set of training pants (yes I wear training pants to sleep. Don't ask!)and also barefoot. I was making myself a nice snack after a hard long day of training with Iroh, Zuko and the crew. The beautiful song that was playing I began to hum too. I love music. Always had. I checked on the milk that was in the cooler when I noticed it smelled like something between a skunkbear or that Shirshu. I know three of the four elements, and even if I used all my bending abilities, I wouldn't be able to make that milk smell better! I heard the music stop, probably the crew went on break. So, I decided to go find Zuko or Iroh and let them know we need new milk. My feet hit the hard cold metal floor and I knocked and entered Zuko's room.

"Uh Zuko, we need some new mil-" I began, as soon as I looked up, I seen Admiral Jerk. Perfect way to begin an evening huh? "Never mind. I'll head to town myself and buy more milk."

"Not so fast Ming Jay." Began Zhao. If he's gonna try to get tips on asking my mom out he can forget it! " I have an offer for you and Iroh." I secretly rolled my eyes hearing this. "Your other half is in the Northern Water Tribe, I'm planning a Siege on the Tribe, I asked Iroh to be my right hand General and I need someone as strong, or stronger than The Avatar. I'm offering you this position Ming Jay, to be one of the leaders, just think of this as a part of history! The Half Avatar vs. The Avatar!"

Seriously?! I've been to the Northern Water Tribe in disguise to learn waterbending. There's no way Zhao's gonna win! I looked at Zuko. His eyes looked at me, trying to give a message to me as if he was telling me not to go. Hey, I'm not going away.

"I'll pass Zhao. I'm not much into battles as I used to be." I was only partially telling the truth. Zhao soon began to look at Zuko's swords. He seemed in some sort of trance. Why was he looking at those swords?

"I never knew you're a trained swordsman, Zuko," said Zhao.

"I'm not," Zuko lied. "They're antiques." Since when did Zuko not know how to use a sword? Zhao began asking Iroh if he's heard of the Blue Spirit. The Blue Spirit? You mean that weird guy who kidnapped Aang from Zhao on the same night Zuko came back with a bump..... OH MY GOD! Zuko's The Blue Spirit! Zhao left the ship before we knew it. Iroh told me Zhao is taking The Crew. The fiend! Those guys still owe me gold! Iroh left to finish music night. Zuko and I were alone.

"What was up with the swords?" I asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," said Zuko. I walked over to Zuko and gave him a hug.

"You're my best friend, man, you never have to hide anything from me. Your secret's safe with me," Zuko confessed to me about the where he was the night before returning with a bump on his head. I told Zuko that freeing The Avatar was a good thing he did. If it wasn't for him to kidnap Aang, Zhao would of won. I patted Zuko on the shoulder and we decided to play a game we played growing up, knock the rock out of the circle. As we played, we heard the music continue.

Chapter 5: Siege of the North part 1

It was a quiet evening the next night, Zuko was in his worst mood in a very long time, The Crew left that night (they would of left earlier in the day but I wouldn't let them leave until they payed me back). After the crew said goodbye too us, Iroh and I left to check on Zuko.

"The Crew wanted me to wish you well on your journey," said Iroh.

"Good riddance to those traitors!" Zuko exclaimed.

"Do you wanna join Iroh and me on a walk?" I asked Zuko. No answer. This was definitely not a good mood.

"Or you can just sit in your room and mope," Iroh said calmly. We shut the door and left the ship, I created a tiny flame out of my fingertips, it was a purple color. Did this mean I was powerful? Well, I knew more firebending than Azula ever did, I could beat her in an Agni Kai any day. Iroh began to hum to the melody from music night while I looked back at the ship. It looked so calm in the distance. Until a huge blast of light came from the ship, along with an explosion.

"ZUKO!" Iroh and I both screamed. We ran, ran as fast as our feet could take us.

"Grab my arm!" I yelled at Iroh. He did, I Earthbended the ground to make us move a lot faster. We made it on time to where the ship was. It was on fire. I began to tear up, my best friend. He was on there. If only he went on the walk with us. He would have lived, he would be alright. I ran into the fire and began to search. I was holding my breath the whole time, was he alive? Is he okay? Wait, there he is! He's making a shield out of fire, I ran over to him, grabbed him by the arm and lead him out. We jumped into the water and swam back onto the deck.

"Are you both okay?!" screamed Iroh.

"Were fine, thanks uncle," Zuko told Iroh.

"What in the name of the Earth Kingdom happened?!" I screamed at Zuko.

"Pirates," mumbled Zuko. PIRATES?! HOW ON EARTH DID THEY KNOW WHERE WE ARE! HOW DID THEY..........ZHAO!!! He must of sent them! UGH! That tears it! I'm REALLY going to get revenge on that guy! The three of us began to plan, we will pretend Zuko had died in the fire, Iroh and I would join Zhao on his Siege on the North Pole then get our revenge. I walked over to where the ship was still burning, and I bended the water to sink the ship. After that, I healed some of Zuko's wounds and managed to get him a disguise as our guard. Iroh and I left the docks to Zhao's campsite.

"I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your nephew and best friend Iroh and Ming Jay," said Zhao while pouring us some tea. Yeah, you'll really be sorry soon.

"It's just so hard to lose someone who has been by your side so many years. I remember when we met at the Fire Nation Festival when we were little," I replied with a few fake tears.

"How did he die?" lied Zhao.

"Pirates! We had an encounter with them earlier last month," said Iroh. "Ming Jay and I decided to take your offer on joining you for The Siege."

"Good," said Zhao. "We leave at dawn, go get rest you two." I left for my tent where Zuko was waiting, he wished me goodnight and left for his cabin. I fell asleep without a single bit of trouble.

Chapter 6: The Siege of the North Part 2

"RISE AND SHINE CREW MATES! WE GOT WATER TRIBE SCUM TO DEFEAT!" Screamed a soldier. I left my tent hobbling on one foot, trying to get my other boot on. Once I got the other boot on, I ran as fast as I could to the main ship. Zuko tailed behind me. "Remember the plan?" I asked Zuko.

"Yeah," he began "find the Avatar's location in the North Pole, sneak out and catch him."

"Good." I told him. We both made it to the ship and I met up with Zhao and Iroh. The ships sailed out of the harbor and we sailed for two hours to the North Pole.

"So, Ming Jay," Zhao began "How's your mother doing?" How did I know he was gonna bring up mom?

"She's alright I guess. I haven't heard from her since three months ago," I replied. I lied. Mom disowned me because I left with Zuko. Not only that but she was a little upset to. I don't blame her. I cried too. A month ago, I received a Messenger Hawk telling me that dad died in a battle. Mom sent me a hawk telling me she's disowning me. Because I left with the Fire Nation's traitor. She was okay with it at first! So Zhao could have my mom. I don't care. She's not my mom. She never was.

We arrived at the North Pole in the middle of the day. The soot mixed with the snow and began to fall. The soldiers began to open fire on the Water Tribe. I witnessed that flying bison (Appa his name was I believe) help Aang stop the attacks. One of the catapults was about to be disabled when I froze Aang's hands and feet on the spot.

"Hi Aang." I said with a smile.

"Oh, hi Ming Jay!" Aang replied. I winked at him and did a small movement with my hand, making it look like Aang escaped by himself.

"After him!" screamed Zhao. Iroh gave me a small wink. I pretended to run after Aang but I fell into the water where Zhao couldn't see me. I climbed up and made a lie up to Zhao.

"I was gonna surf my way to him. But he managed to disrupt the wave I made." I lied.

"WHAT?! So he knows Waterbending now!" Zhao screamed. I left the room to go dry up my clothing. I found Zuko and Iroh. Told them I pretended that The Avatar was captured but escaped from us, Zuko now had the chance to get him. Zhao ended the siege for the night because of the moon. Zuko left to find Aang and I decided to sneak out to check out the city. It looked so beautiful! I had to see it for myself. Even though the city was cold, it was a magnificent place. I haven't been there before (I learned Waterbending by visiting the Ocean and Moon spirits, I had to sneak in to see them). It turned out to be, when I decided to visit my old teachers, it was actually the best decision I made.

Chapter 7: The Moon Spirit's fall.

I arrived to the pool where my old teachers live. When I took a step in the pool, the fish surrounded me. They recognized me. "It's good to see you both again," I whispered. I heard a rustle noise coming from the outside of the sanctuary. I immediately got out of the pool and hid in the brush. Zhao entered the pool. What was going on? Why was he here? I took notice of the small burlap bag he was carrying. Oh no, don't tell me he's planning too....... Yep, I was right. The moon began to glow red, I could feel my water bending abilities weaken, The Moon Spirit has been captured. I Earthbended a few locks on their feet to keep Zhao and his men from not getting away. "Sir!" screamed one of the men "There's an Earthbender here!" Zhao's eyes filled with rage. Before I knew it, Aang's team arrived. I felt relieved, I looked at the bison and spotted Zuko! Wait, He's unconscious!

Zhao kept blabbering on and on about how today, the Northern Water Tribe belongs to the Fire Nation. Before I knew it, he took out a knife. Oh God, he's going to kill The Moon Spirit! I found a few pebbles and Earthbended it and hit Zhao square in the head. I showed myself.

"Zhao. Let the fish go." I said with a deep amount of seriousness in my voice "The Moon Spirit is sacred, without the moon spirit we will no longer have a completely balanced world."

"She's right." A voice said, I turned my hair and discovered it to be Iroh "Without the Moon Spirit, there's no balance, we need the Moon Spirit more than anything. Not only do the Waterbenders need the Moon, but we need it as well. Please Zhao! Be Wise! Let the spirit go!" There was a long pause. Zhao opened the bag and let the koi fish into the pond. I felt my water bending return to me. Zhao stared at the fish and screamed in anger. A huge flame formed from his hand and hit the white koi fish! Not only did he burn the fish, but killed it as well! The moon completely disappeared. It was all over. The Moon Spirit, had died.

Chapter 8: Ocean Spirit's revenge

I stood there in silence. My teacher, gone. Tears formed from eyes. Today, was a day of mourning. Zhao ran away after Iroh chased after him for a minute. He held the moon spirit in his hands. I petted the fish and the slime on its scaly skin began to wash away.

"It's over," said a white haired girl "We're all doomed." Aang and I looked at her, we entered the Avatar State together.

"No," we said in unison. "It is NOT over." We walked into the pool. The Ocean Spirit surrounded us, rotating clockwise. We fell. I felt the water surround me, and merge into my lungs. Aang and I turned into a beast. My memory was black after that.

"Ming Jay!" I heard a voice say. "Wake up! C'mon!" My eyes opened, the room was spinning around and around. Until I got a clear vision of the room, Zuko and Iroh were by my waking side.

"What the heck happened last night?" I asked. Zuko and Iroh told me everything. How Aang and I ended the raid, how the young white haired girl sacrificed herself to become the new Moon Spirit, how Zhao died.....

"Wait! Zhao died?!" I screamed.

"He didn't want anyone's help." Zuko replied. "A hand made of water just popped up and grabbed him. I think I saw you inside that hand." I probably was in there if you want to know the truth. We made a boat out of wood and some string and took the city's river-way out of the city. Cause hey, if you saw three Fire Nation Citizens roaming around what would you do?

"You're awfully quiet, Prince Zuko, that's not like yourself," Iroh commented while tying up the sail.

"I'm tired," Zuko replied.

"Then, you should rest." Zuko lied down and looked at the new morning sky. He soon fell asleep. I looked back at the great big city. I whispered under my breath a farewell, hoping to see the city once again someday, this time, as a visitor, welcomed with open arms. The Great City was soon out of our sight. When it was, I kicked the speed of our little sailboat up a notch. The air felt a little bit warm and that meant one thing. Spring was on the way, which to me, was actually exciting.

Chapter 9 A Father's Forgiveness?

It was a week after we left the North Pole. We landed at a Resort Spa ruled by the Fire Nation. When They discovered Zuko is the Prince, Iroh is the Fire Lord's brother, and I'm the Half Avatar, immediately, we received a free royal treatment package. For a whole week, nothing but massages, facials, mud baths, acupuncture, room service, fanciest rooms in the resort, the works! It was like home! Zuko was still being angry as usual. I guess it was the fact that it was officially three years his jerk of a dad, decided to tell him to get lost. All he wanted was to have everything return to normal. To be honest, I rather see Zuko rule the country than his messed up sister. Speaking of messed up sister, we ended up bumping into her.

"Hello Zuzu, Uncle, Ming Jay, it's been awhile," Azula said. Jeez. Someone who I hated more than Zhao, standing in front of me! Where's the next boat to an insane asylum when you need one? Azula began to talk about how Zuko's father regretted banning Zuko. Now he wants him home. Since when? Since when did Ozai care? Ursa had more common sense than he does and she married him! For an entire day, Zuko was at his happiest in a very long time. But something wasn't right, why would Ozai want him home?

"Were going home! After so long were finally going home!" Zuko exclaimed while packing his things.

"Something isn't right," Iroh replied. "I know my brother better than anyone. It doesn't sound like him."

"Maybe Father finally changed his ways! I can't believe it! He's forgiven me!"

"Iroh is right Zuko, Ozai isn't the forgiving type. Remember the Agni Kai? He KILLED you! If it wasn't for me, you'd be DEAD!" What people don't know is that when Zuko's Agni Kai against his dad occurred, his dad actually killed him. I snuck off and healed him with Oasis water, his heart started again, but it left a scar on his left eye.

"Ming Jay is right Zuko! She knows what she's talking about, my brother is EVIL!" Iroh screamed.

"Maybe you're saying all this because you're a LAZY SHALLOW OLD MAN WHO IS JEALOUS OF HIS OWN BROTHER! AND YOU, MING JAY, ARE A NAIVE, SMART ALEC GIRL WHO WAS ABANDONED BY HER OWN MOTHER!" Zuko screamed. He stormed out of our hut with his usual angry face. I couldn't believe what he just said, for once, I wish I could see a huge smile on his face. I could feel a tear form from my eye but I held it all in. I didn't want to cry. I wanted to stay strong.

The next day, Zuko was walking to Azula's ship which was near the resort. I seemed to have a headache this morning. Iroh and I decided to go along with a charade. We arrived at the ship where Azula welcomed us with open arms.

"Brother! Uncle! Ming Jay! Welcome!!" Azula screamed joyfully "Captain! Set a course for home!"

"Captain!" screamed a guard "Let's take the prisoners home!" Azula shot the guard a dirty look after he realized his mistake. I KNEW IT! I KNEW SHE WAS UP TO NO GOOD! We shot her a dirty look.

"RUN!" screamed Iroh, we began to run away. A fight broke out against Azula and her men. My headache got to the point where I fell to the ground, I blacked out, I could see my body and the fight stopping at sky bison view. A flying Badgermole started coming near me. On top of it, was my past life, Half Avatar Shu.

"Ming Jay," he began "It's time you learn." He took me to an area where Aang was also along with his past life Avatar Roku. We learned about the Avatar State, how it works and how it brings all of our past lives into the present to help us in current situations. But we learned a weakness. If the Avatar dies in the Avatar State, not only will the Avatar Cycle end but The Half Avatar will die as well. Wait, I could die! No! This can't be! I Can't tell anyone this. Even Zuko or Iroh. Once I returned to my body I woke up in Zuko's arms as he was running away. We stopped at a stream and I jumped out of his arms.

"Thanks for saving me," I said.

"I think we lost them," said Iroh. Zuko looked at the stream with a disappointing frown, he removed a knife from his pocket, and cut his ponytail off, Iroh cut his hair bun off and I cut my hair to medium length. We watched as our hair floated down the stream.

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