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Hakki is the powerful shape-shifting spirit and one of the most powerful combatants of the First War.


Hakki was one of the antagonistic spirits that fought and killed humans. His 'brother' Akahito was one of the most active and Hakki would always come to his aid when necessary but was otherwise disinterested in fighting one way or another.

Grimmjow fights Ulquiorra

Hakki easily beats Nagrim.

While Hakki stayed out of most of the war, he began participating in earnest after the first time Akahito was nearly killed by Kuro. He went on to beat both Kuro and Akira in battle but couldn't finish them off when help arrived. Hakki would intervene in many battles that would have resulted in deadly losses for the Spirits.

Hakki became one of the most feared and dangerous of the enemy despite his disinterest in battle. He was easily able to beat most Nifrin and even Ish Kash wielders.

Powers and Abilities

Hakki was a shape-shifter with the power to change his form and abilities to suit the situation required. To what limit these abilities go was unknown. He was powerful enough to beat both Kuro and Akira in a straight fight when Akahito was nearly beaten by only one of them.

Hakki's multiple forms made him dangerous and hard to fight effectively as he could change his fighting style with each form. Hakki can also appear as a human though he intentionally makes the form look drastically different from an ordinary human. He could also manifest his powers to have a sword with him if he wished it.

Hakki could also seemingly teleport between locations, appearing as if he traveled through shattered rifts when he did. This shows his ability to freely travel from the mortal plain and the Spirit World without difficulty or timing to the Solstice.

Personality and Traits

Hakki generally appeared disinterested and uncaring for any situation he was involved in. Even when saving Akahito, he showed very little emotion or response. It took extreme situations for Hakki to lose his temper which often correlated with how many times he had to shape-shift to defeat an opponent.

Hakki did not actually feel threatened by humans nor did he think it necessary to fight them, he only fought because Akahito did.


  • Hakki is Japanese for white demon.
  • Hakki is based on multiple characters from Bleach, including Ulquiorra and Aizen, but also the Hollow Muramasa and other Arrancars.

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