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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Pro-Bending Coverage continuity.
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Northern Water Tribe



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Dark Skinned

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Northern Water Tribe, Tana, Senlin

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Piandao Pygmy Pumas Team Captain, Pro-bender

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Round One: Pygmi Pumas vs. Gaipan Goat Dogs

Haji is a character from the fanon Pro-Bending Coverage, and is the team captain of the Piandao Pygmy Pumas.


Haji was born in the Northern Water Tribe to two unknown parents. He was born into poverty, and did not have great childhood.

Haji, was bright student during his times of education, and discovered he was a waterbender at the age seven, when one of the kids try to bully him at school. He swung his hands towards the bully, and the bully froze in place.

When his grandfather discovered that Haji, was indeed a waterbender he began training the child. Haji trained hard in the art of waterbending, at the age of 15 he mastered waterbending.

He went to tests within the Northern Water Tribe villages, and/or cities to compete against other benders from around the globe. Haji was great at waterbending and he won lots of money.

At the age 19, Haji, wanted to support his family the best he could, he heard gossip from one of the locals that in Republic City they have a sport called pro-bending. He traveled to Republic City in hopes of becoming a pro-bender, and he got the contract and was signed up. He is just needed two more teammates an earthbender and a firebender.

Haji, met Tana and Senlin at Narook's Seaweed Noodlery, who also needed a partner. They became great friends and soon teammates, in the pro-bending arena they're known as the Piandao Pygmy Pumas.


Discovers he's a waterbender at the age of seven, he is soon trained by his grandfather who happens to be a master waterbender.

Enters a waterbending academy, and masters waterbending at the age of 15.

Challenges benders from all over the world in the Northern Water Tribe, to win money to support his family.


Round One: Pygmi Pumas vs. Gaipan Goat Dogs

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