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By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
"H-Haizi. They're-they're these spirits...the spirits of turmoil. Th-they look like cute and innocent little children, but they're really demonic creatures who want to torture."
Chen explains Haizi to Mina and Kaila.
Young Zuko and Azula
General information
Notable members
  • Jochi
  • Temuge
  • Borte
  • Torture
  • Have "fun"

Haizi, (孩子) more commonly thought of as just Children in White, are the childlike spirits of turmoil that enjoy to torture and murder human beings as an act of "playing" and "having fun." Haizi are natural lashes of smoke, but take solid forms in the shape of white-clothed Fire Nation children.


"No. They're real."
— Chen.

Haizi naturally are solid smoke due to their imprisonment in the mortal realm.

Haizi formally tortured and murder fellow spirits during the era before the Avatar. However, the Spirit World exiled them and sentenced them to the mortal world. Haizi were quick to adapt, said to have massacred the entire southern region of the Fire Nation. Over the next several centuries, Haizi began to become less and less active, growing into mere legends.

Haizi still, however, continued to play their little games, though lessened due to lack of belief and separated usually into clans. At one point, one clan attacked and nearly murdered future husband to Supreme Fire Lord Azula, Yin Lee, though somehow he survived. In 130 AG, Haizi began terrorizing a town Team Rebel was resting at, though the clan's leader, Jochi, was solidified by Chen's taunts, and therefore the clan were destroyed.[1] The incident became a haunted memory to the team, especially to Chen, who was reminded of his father even further.[2]

Known Haizi


Jochi, a Haizi spirit.

Though they are several swarms of Haizi scattered throughout the world, usually in the Fire Nation, only one clan has been documented, notable for nearly killing Team Rebel and Yin Lee. This clan consisted of Haizi named Jochi, Temuge, and Borte.

Jochi, the head and "older brother," locked a connection with the rest of his "siblings," allowing their essence to be intertwined and share emotions. Jochi shared the common trait of any Haizi, despising humans and enjoying to watch them suffer. Jochi was very precise, as well, able to break down opponents like Chen's self-esteem.

His siblings, Temuge and Borte, were less powerful as Jochi, though still were able to feast and best a target. Due to their interlocked essences, they were destroyed when Jochi was.[1]


"Sorry we're late, we had to stop for some dinner before a little desert!"
— Jochi beginning to try and kill Team Rebel.
Extinguishing fire

A fire a Haizi clan caused, as they fight humans above.

Haizi tended to be rather malicious, even to their own kind. Due their natural tendencies of torture, they enjoy to torment and absorb turmoil to allow themselves to maintain a sold state. Any serious frustration causes a Haizi to loose it's solidification and if seriously injured in this state will be completely destroyed. As a Haizi has no soul, it is possible that they simply stop existing when destroyed or possibly are reincarnated in the Spirit World.

Haizi, due to their natural state of smoke, can elongate parts of their limbs and become intangible. When physically disrupted, they evaporate briefly into smoke and stop maintaining their solid states. This puts a Haizi at its weakest, and can cause a spirit to be destroyed. Haizi as well contain a set of black teeth, which is actually a molded goo of smoke.

Haizi have a desire to watch people being tortured, killed, or even mortally wounded. Haizi even become more powerful when seeing this. How exactly Haizi generally kill their victims is unknown, though the basics of it involve either stabbing or consumption. They as well carry hatred towards most other creatures of the universe, especially to humans and especially towards other spirits.[1]

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