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Roku's waterbending master
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


64 (Deceased)


13 BG


51 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Brown; later grey

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



His wife, four children, one sister


Avatar Aang, Southern Water Tribe


Fire Nation, Southern Raiders

Chronological and political information

Waterbending warrior in Southern military


Water Tribes

First appearance

To Those Who Are Gone... (mentioned only)

Haishak was a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. He had a friendship with Avatar Aang in his younger days, and grew up as a Water Tribe loyalist. He perished during one of the Southern Water Tribe raids in 51 AG.


Haishak was born in 13 BG in the South Pole to his family - which included an older sister; he being born three years after his sister. He discovered his waterbending abilities at the age of four, training for several years to reach master status.

In 2 BG, he met Avatar Aang while the latter was on an exploration trip with his guardian, Gyatso. The two bonded and had an adventure, including pranking villagers, while Haishak demonstrated waterbending skills to the airbender. He did not know at the time he had met the Avatar, but nevertheless, the two became instant friends and remained in contact until Aang disappeared.

In his young years, Haishak was also inspired by watching warriors train throughout the tribe, one of those warriors being his father. He became a true tribal patriot, dreaming of becoming a warrior one day from a very young age. This desire only strengthened with the outbreak of the Hundred Year War.

In 3 AG, after reaching the Water Tribes' adult standard of age 16, Haishak entered into combative training. He worked to really hone his waterbending skills for flawless combat, and quickly advanced through the ranks. He later became an instructor in warrior training himself for waterbenders.

At the age of 24, Haishak met his future wife, a nonbender named Kaisha, while returning from his training one day. The two dated for five years before marrying. The marriage produced three children - two nonbenders and one waterbender, born between 19 and 31 AG.

In 40 AG, the Southern Water Tribe fell under attack. Haishak's forces were called to the front lines, where they fought off the first raid brilliantly, though a few waterbenders were captured. Haishak was lauded for great leadership and excellent fighting, however. His battalion survived the second raid in 44 AG.

However, the third raid would bring about his end. Now into his sixties by 51 AG, Haishak was starting to slow down a bit. Nevertheless, the waterbending warrior refused to quit, and stood at the front lines for the third raid. But, his somewhat diminished mobility and offense caught up to him. He found himself surrounded by firebenders in a hurry; though he tried to fight with the octopus form, he was quickly overwhelmed. Haishak was killed late in the afternoon, and his entire battalion surrendered, and was taken to imprisonment in the Fire Nation.

Haishak was buried with military honors four days after the battle. His gravesite is located a distance away from the tribe's main city. His name is also part of the Southern Water Tribe War Memorial.


Haishak was a friendly individual to most he met. Unless people tried to agitate him, the waterbender was more than willing to make an acquaintance. In his younger years, he liked goofing off, especially when he met Aang - though he cut back on this as he set out to be a warrior.

After becoming a warrior, Haishak stiffened up - running a tighter ship mentally as he rose through the ranks, then doing so with his battalions. This also translated at home to help prepare his children for the real world. However, he opened up his lighter side to his family a bit; enjoying play time with them now and again. He was also a loving husband; supporting his wife's decisions the best he could.


Haishak was a master waterbender. He grasped every move up to short of the Avatar level; and this made him formidable in combat. He was quick to act with his best force against any opponent, especially during the raids; though this slowed, especially after he turned 60.

In addition, Haishak mastered weaponry to a significant extent to add on to his warrior skills. He utilized spears in combat quite often, even combining them with waterbending to take out opponents more effectively.

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