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Mian,Zura, Leaf Tribe


Phoenix Islands (goverment)

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  • Protector (formerly)
  • Zhen's Guard (formerly)
  • Leaf Clan

Phoenix Islands (people), Leaf tribe of the North, Team Strike

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Within the Shadows

Hai is a 15 year old member of the Leaf tribe, an tribe living mainly in the North of several Islands from the Phoenix Islands. The clan is semi-autonomous of the government, which they wish to overthrow. He went undercover for them to spy on the local government. After meeting Mian and his friends he came back to the tribe and helped them get used to the area.


Hai was born to the son of the Chief, making him "royalty". He was trained in the warrior arts including swordsmanship and marksmanship. He often went out of the valley to make errands for his tribe, and what he saw disgusted him. The people could not talk freely without getting beaten. His father told him that the government use to be peaceful until the current regime took power. Hai when he became 15, agreed to go undercover to spy on the local government. He gained a job as a Protector and reported all that he knew to his tribe using messenger pigeons.

Meeting Team Strike

Hai met Mian and Zura at his job, but did not tell them about his past in case they were loyal to the government. He soon found out that they were rebels, and helped them attack Zhen. He then invited them and their friends to come with him to his home, where they would be safe.[1]

Training with Team Strike

Hai helped Team Strike get comfortable in their new environment. He told the girls of a relaxing spa, and helped teach Mian how to Firebend.[2] The next day he helped Tia and Ami with their marksmanship.[3]. After Zura got an alarming message over the state of his nation, Hai assisted him in combat, suffering a fatal injury. Luckily he survived and retreated to Omashu, under intensive care.

City of Omashu

At Omashu Hai recuperates but takes on more of an arrogant leadership role, tired of being in the back seat, he has decided it's his time to shine. When the Islanders are coming to invade Omashu, he is made General of the Omashu Defenses, and even begins to date Tia. However, rather than waiting for the enemy, he attacks to early resulting in the loss of the Avatar. [4]


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