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""Light is light, no matter what form it takes. But it's deceptive. What may seem like light from a distance could have been lost to the darkness.""
— Haewa in Moonlight on the Water
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Bo staff

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Mostly defensive with swift attacks


Five Pillars, Team Avatar

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Leader of Five Pillars


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Five Pillars

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A World In Ruins

Haewa is the current leader of the Five Pillars.


Haewa was born to Taiyo, the leader of the Blade Keepers, and his wife Selene. Haewa was trained in Lightbending and bo staff combat from an early age. However, he was only fifteen when the first Darksome Knight brought the worlds together and attacked. He helped train his friends Sigan, Geolda and Hwasan, while keeping in touch with his parents.


Haewa is a born leader; a charismatic man of his word capable of organizing troops and spur them into battle. He is usually the bravest warrior on the battlefield as well as a brilliant strategist. He works hard at whatever he does and won't stop until the battle is complete. However, the memories of his past actions make him shy away from conflicts and hole up with his pet hawk, Hikari.


As the leader of the Five Pillars, he strategizes to keep the group informed about all events in the worlds. His bo staff can be used as a weapon, existing alongside his light magic to quickly dispatch enemies while protecting his friends, or a mode of transportation, using it to vault over walls to safety. His light magic can be used to reveal passages or intruders, form nearly impenetrable walls, or shoot like diamond-tipped arrows to take down foes.


  • Haewa (해와) translates to "Moon and sun" in Korean.
  • Hikari (ヒカリ) translates to "Light" in Japanese.
  • Hikari as a hawk is a reference to Ra, the hawk-headed Egyptian god of the sun.

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