By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
H8 Seed
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S.C.P Foundation


Avatar World (Ba Sing Se)

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Chronological and political information

Rainbow Factory worker (Formerly)


S.C.P (Formerly), Team Avatar

First appearance

Azula's Comeback

H8 Seed is a grey pony and close friend to Glaze (if you can call them that). He had a rather rough past, and was mainly made with the use of Anti-bending. Unlike many of the other creations of the art, he was much more real, given an actual heart thanks to a slip in by Siya. Now he has a smart brain and a heart of gold (Literally). Much like Cyborg, he is a half-robot stallion with feeling, and its because of this feeling is why he doesn't like his job very much. He only stayed for Glaze and Dash's sake.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 2

H8_Seed first appears with Glaze as they were there to get Team Avatar. However, he convinced Glaze to wait, saying they should at least know who their up against. He was the last to leave but it was him who actually came back and helped them out in figuring out it was the SCP who was responsible. He also adds in that Slenderman isn't an evil overlord, making a crack on how Slenderman's job is related to tax collectors. He only got stumped though when he found the Titans symbol on one of the notes, not knowing which world it was.

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