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The Airbender

Gyun is a character in the fanon Rise of an Avatar by Carloso.


Gyun was an airbending monk native to the Southern Air Temple he was born in 952BG and was taken away from his parents at birth. At age 10 he began to show signs of high airbending potential but also signs of anger and hatred. He tutors are noted as saying he had an undisciplined mind.

At age 15 Gyun ran away from the temple after being denied master tattoos, he claimed he deserved them but the monk council at the time disagreed.

What happened to Gyun at this point is unknown but 5 years later he returned, changed. He was calm and emotionless, he hardly spoke to his peers and kept to himself most of the time. Something had happened to Gyun, but the monks had no idea what.

Rise of an Avatar

In 917BG Gyun disposed of a monk who was tasked to scout the nearby area and posed as him to leave the temple covertly. He then ambushed the current Avatar, Shinn Fey, in the Patola mountains. Although doing little damage to him Gyun was satisfied enough to retreat, leaving the body of his peer on one of the mountains as well.

After Shinn arrived at the temple Gyun watched each of his training sessions, seeing how well Shinn progressed. Shinn began to notice this, not realising it was the monk who had attacked him previously.

A few days later Gyun fought Shinn again after being ordered to do so by an unseen figure, presumably Fuma in a secret chamber within the temple. Gyun fought well against the Avatar but was no match for 3 elements. Gyun's eye was badly scarred but that was to be the least of his worries as he was killed moments after the end of the fight by the mysterious assassin Fuma.


Gyun was an expert airbender with the ability to perform master-level airbending techniques. He was a fearsome opponent in battle and often used his surroundings to create environmental hazards to hamper his opponent. He also used his weapon, a dagger, to create fearsome air blades that can cut through even the hardest of materials.


In his youth Gyun was a trouble maker with a wild and hate-filled personality. Since his departure and subsequent return to the Southern Air Temple he now had a more calm personality. However, when provoked his true self can emerge again, as seen in his battle with Shinn.

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