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Southern Water Tribe



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Southern Water Tribe, Avatar Rong Yan, Sakana, Kuma, Tako, Sake, Prince Unaraq, Princess Tanaraq, Aloi

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Southern Water Tribe

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Book 1: Air Chapter 3: Rong Yan's Master (First appearance; no lines; no name) Book 2: Water Chapter 2: The Crew (Identity revealed)

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Book 2: Water Chapter ??

Gyomo is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Gyomo is one of the few fishermen within Unaraq's crew.


In chapter 9, of Book Two, Gyomo tells a tale of his life, when and where he met the love of his life, Sakari. This is an exact summary from his tale from the chapter.

"When I was a young man, at the age of twenty, I went to a party that one of my cousins had invited me to. It was big party. My cousin was middle class within our society. Not that he was a noble or anything. His father was one of the chief's hunters, who hunted rare game for the chief for his feasts." Gyomo said.

"He had this big party, and a lot of people were invited." Gyomo added.

The party was booming, the musicians were playing loud, and were playing all night. Gyomo's cousin spots him, and walks up to Gyomo.

"Gyomo! You made it! What do you think?" his cousin asked.

"It's very...lively, cousin." Gyomo answered.

"Good. Enjoy yourself, I want you to meet one of my friend's sisters. Come along with me, sport." his cousin said.

Gyomo, was single during his early adulthood years. No girlfriend, no children, nothing other than being a fisherman. He followed his cousin, throughout the crowd of Water Tribe folk, dancing and conversating and doing what people do at parties. There off in the distance, he saw a beautiful woman standing alone against a pole.

The woman was shy since she did not talk, or dance with anyone. Gyomo, walked away from his cousin, and towards the woman. His cousin looked back, at Gyomo and shouted, "GYOMO!"

Gyomo, pretended like he did not listen to his cousin, and continued to walk through the crowd towards this stunning woman. He walked right up to her, and she looked away shyly, as Gyomo stuck out his hand for her to shake it as he introduced himself.

"Hi..I'm Gyomo. I saw you here all by yourself. And I wanted to get your name, and maybe get to know you better." Gyomo introduced himself.

"I-I'm Sakari, nice to meet you, Gyomo." Sakari introduced herself as well, but very shyly.

"There's no need to be shy. I too was shy when I approached you." Gyomo said. "Really?" Sakari asked.

"Yes, please take my hand let us go dance." Gyomo said.

"I don't know how to dance." Sakari shyly answered.

"Follow with my footsteps, you'll be fine." Gyomo claimed.

The two had danced the night away, and talked all night as well. Both of them laughed throughout their conversations. Gyomo's cousin, looked over the balcony at his cousin, and smiled. He was glad his cousin had might've found love, nonetheless, the One.

Kuruk kissing Ummi

Sakari and Gyomo, on the night that they met.

Years had passed by, Gyomo and Sakari, had gotten to know each other, and grew their relationship. Eventually, the time came, when Gyomo had carved a necklace for Sakari, and proposed at a family party, where all of Gyomo's family members were attending. Even his great grandmother was there, and had given them her blessing. The wedding ceremony came, and the Water Tribe head shaman, was the one to give out the traditional speech. With Gyomo's cousin, as the best man, and Sakari's sister as the maid of honor.

Two years later, had passed and Gyomo, and Sakari had there first born. A daughter. Years later, Sakari bore Gyomo a second child, and a second daughter. The second born was named after his great-grandmother, who had passed three months before she was born.

Life for Gyomo, was the best a man could ever have. He met Unaraq and joined his crew. His life was perfect.

Sakari's Death

Sakari's death, came by like a breeze in the air. A mugger tried to mug Sakari, on the way home from her mother's house. When she refused and let out a scream the mugger, and stabbed Sakari, and drowned her in a ball of water. The mugger was a waterbender.

The mugger was never caught, as they say he fled the Southern Water Tribe that night. The man had robbed four women that same night, and Sakari being the only one he killed.


Gyomo, was born a non-bender but is skilled in using polearms, or spears. Gyomo, is also a skilled fisherman, and a skilled cook. He often cooks for his crew when they're on long fishing trips that last up to a week.


  • Unknown Daughter (Eldest Daughter)
  • Unknown Daughter (Youngest Daughter)
  • Unknown Mother (Mother; Deceased)
  • Unknown Wife (Wife; Deceased)


  • Gyomo is Japanese for "fish net", which relates to his skills in fishing.

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