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September 10th 2016

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My first real entry into Korrasami Week 2016, working off the extra prompt, because I didn't have any for Day 2. Instead, I went with this one.

Korra could already feel her muscles burning as she put her weights down again. Nice.

-"Not bad," Asami commented on the bench across from her. "New record or what?"

Korra smiled. "Nah, if I wanted to go for a record, I would have done this first, not the legs. You know, focus exclusively on the guns," she said while flexing.

At this, the pale girl laughed. They had been going to the gym together for a while now, and Korra was still miles ahead of Asami. Of course, she went here every day, while Asami only went twice a week.

And yet... these were Korra's favorite days. She instructed Asami on the hows and whats, while not being bound by anything. She didn't have to artificially slow herself down. They had different weights, different speeds of the treadmill, different amount of water in the watercycler, it all worked out. And so did they.

Of course, the fact that Korra's biggest secret was that she had a massive crush on Asami and that that was a large part of the reason she said yes in the first place was... something that should stay a secret.

But still, crush or not, Asami was Korra's best friend, and she couldn't just throw that away. Or give up the opportunity to see her toned, slender body squeezed into nothing more than a pair of lycra shorts and a burgundy sports bra, all sweaty and glistening from their earlier workout...

Snap out of it! Korra had to mentally slap herself in the face and focus back on finishing their cooling down. To her, this was always a little bit disappointing, because A) it meant that her workout was over, and B) Asami would shortly be getting dressed again in her relatively conservative clothes.

This was always a bit of a mystery to Korra. She had this amazing body, and yet somehow never felt the need to show it off, not even a little bit.

Then again, it could also be an extension of that same disappointment, but she'd rather not think too much about that. Korra was already having trouble not furiously masturbating to the images seared into her retinas after getting back from the gym.

Naturally, her lust won out over her conscience occasionally. It was probably a good thing they didn't share a dorm and/or shower.

Asami still lived with her father, and even though she sometimes talked about moving out, she never actually saw it through.

"Well, there's always next time, right?" Korra asked.

-"I guess so. What do you say, time for a shower?"

"Sounds like a plan to me."

They made their way to the dressing room, and just like it had been all afternoon, it was surprisingly quiet.

But then Korra learned why: there was a sign saying 'out of order' on the door leading to the private shower cabins.

"Are you kidding me?!" Korra yelled.

-"Sorry, ladies," a woman piped up. "Shower pump broke last night, mechanic won't be in till Monday. You'll just have to use the public showers for now."

Oh no. No, no, no, no NO! "There has to be something else," Korra tried. "These can't be the only showers here."

-"They're not, the rest just don't have walls. Now you can choose between showering there or going home smelly. Your call."

Asami put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Korra, it's fine. We'll just shower there. It's not like we've never done that before."

That was actually true, but only by virtue of them having been friends since they were four. They had shared plenty of baths, beds, and showers, the only difference being was that Korra didn't know back then that she had a massive crush on Asami. Kind of an important one. The fact that the pale girl had grown spectacular, amazingly squeezable boobs since then didn't really help much either. Here we go again.

It was Asami who had been the one to convince her to do many things over the years, including going on that trip to Ember Island, dye a single lock of hair blue (Korra still had that, officially because she thought it looked good, in reality because Asami once said it made her look sexy), get her belly button pierced... In short, Korra's life would be a lot more boring if Asami hadn't been in it.

That changed when Asami came out of the closet. Korra had done so (again, on Asami's insistence) a year or so prior, but she never really realized the implications of that until Asami became 'available'. That was probably the worst part of the whole thing: knowing that there may just be a chance in it for her. Unfortunately, finding that out could ruin their friendship.

They went back to the dressing room, where Korra could already hear the adjacent shower running. Greatness. More people. It wasn't so much that she wasn't comfortable in her own body, quite the opposite, actually. Korra knew that she looked good, and she took a little bit of pride in everything that her hard work had earned her, ranging from her impressive biceps to her six-pack.

No, what she didn't trust was her restraint and ability to keep her eyes off Asami. That was probably going to be the real challenge here.

Korra realized she had been contemplating the issue for so long that Asami tapped her on the shoulder. "Aren't you coming?" she asked.

The tan girl looked up, seeing her best friend already wrapped in just a towel, with a bottle of shampoo in her hand. "Yeah, sure, right behind you."

This was really it. Asami had disappeared behind the wall of the shower, so Korra quickly removed her sports clothes, only to follow Asami's idea of wrapping herself in a towel. With a deep breath, she made for the shower as well. And whatever you do, don't stare.

As soon as Korra rounded the corner, that last thought was forgotten. She instantly saw the pale girl testing the water, back fortunately turned to her. As it turns out, her lycra shorts weren't quite as hip-hugging as Korra'd hoped, and her ass was even more amazing than when she was doing squats. Not that you wouldn't know that.

Apparently, the water was good enough because Asami soon stepped under and turned back around. "Water's good, Kor. Feel free to join!"

Korra would, were she not too busy blatantly eye-fucking her best friend. Asami had her toned and slender body fully on display, more so than the tan girl could have ever hoped to see. The slightly pronounced curve of her ass, the immaculately trimmed strip of hair between her legs, the faint but visible line down the middle of her belly, her oh so amazing breasts, all shining from the water flowing down every little bit...

-"Earth to Korra?" Asami called out.

She quickly shook herself out of it, and her face heated up like a furnace, muttering about how she froze a little bit before moving to claim a shower of her own. It wasn't until after she had dropped her towel that Korra realized a middle-aged woman with slightly tanned skin was looking at her as well with one eyebrow raised. On closer inspection, she was in quite good shape, but her short gray hair and wrinkles around her eyes betrayed her age.

"Can I help you?"

She gave Korra a good-hearted smile. "Nope. It's just that you're easier to read than the last book I read to my children."

The tan girl shook her head and turned back to her shower, where she quickly started lathering herself, hoping to conceal her blush at least a little bit.

The older woman was soon done, and Korra let out a little breath in relief, before she moved to start washing her hair. Fortunately, her short hair didn't require the extensive washing that it used to, but it would mean that she'd have to turn her back to the shower, and as a direct consequence, face Asami again.

Begrudgingly, she did, only to let her eyes fall back onto that amazing body. Korra tried to avert her gaze and was mostly successful, but that was in no small part down to the fact that she got shampoo into her eyes.

"Ow, fuck!" she called out, rubbing her eye.

There was a chuckle from across the shower. "Are you okay?" Asami asked, though not without a serious undertone of amusement.

"This isn't funny," Korra objected.

-"It is a little bit." When the tan girl started rubbing her eye, Asami objected as well. "Don't do that, just wash it out. Here," she said and stepped over to guide Korra's head under the running water.

It took a few moments for Korra to realize just how close they really were and how naked Asami was. That she was as well was of secondary importance right now, but also there.

Still, elephant in the room and all that, and she did try to subtly move away, but because of her poor vision, ended up head-butting the wall.

-"Are you trying to find out how many ways you can hurt yourself in this morning?" the pale girl asked, but again, not without laughing. When Korra didn't reply, her tone turned more serious. "Korra, you've been acting weird since we stepped into the shower. I thought you'd be more... I dunno, more open to this. You're always so easy going with everything, wearing bikinis, shorts, all that stuff."

Korra sighed, because it was true. "I know, I know, it's just that... This is a little alien to me, and I'm surprised you're not more uncomfortable with it." Luckily, you're still half blind, so you can be excused for not looking at her.

-"Is it me?"

At this, the tan girl perked up, trying to meet her best friend's look. "No, no, of course not... I mean..." She fell silent. "It's complicated, okay?"

She felt fingers intertwine with her own. "Korra..."

Korra's heart skipped a beat. Asami was so close, and somehow, the fact that they were both naked made it feel more intimate. It made Korra feel vulnerable, but she didn't mind being so as long as Asami was close.

Her vision cleared up again, and she could see the pale girl staring deep into her eyes. Those green eyes, ones that she could just get lost in, were now calling, and judging by the fact that Asami didn't back away, Korra's were calling back.

Ever so slowly, they leaned in, further into the stream of hot water. Their lips finally met, and yes, it was everything Korra had hoped for. Asami's lips were full, soft, and there was still a hint left of the cherry lipgloss she had worn earlier. The kiss was warm and passionate, but still tender in a good way.

As kisses went, it was short, before Korra was the one to break away first. "Asami... I... I'm sorry - I didn't..."

Fortunately, she was interrupted when the pale girl put a finger on her lips. "Hey, it's okay. I'm glad you feel the same way."

A huge smile appeared on Korra's face, but just as she leaned in for another kiss, they were interrupted

"Ahem," the woman who was in the shower earlier cleared her throat at the entrance. "You really want a private shower for that," she said before turning away.

Both of them turned bright red, and Korra quickly reached for her towel. "Yeah, sorry," she muttered.

After wrapping herself in her towel as well, Asami leaned in again, pecking the tan girl on the cheek. "You know, we could always use the private shower at my place..."

Korra thought she was going to swoon. "Take me away..."

For those of you wondering, no, I don't intend to make Korra and Asami end up naked in every installment here :-P. But there is going to be at least some more before this week is over.

Second note, no, I'm not a huge fan of this one, but I do think it starts out okay, even if I never could quite get the ending right, despite having re-written it three times. D'oh well.

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