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Gyatso Arrives
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The Hei Bai of The Fire Nation

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January 28, 2012

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The Hei Bai of The Fire Nation

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The Curse

The Capital

Aang entered the apartment at 221 Fire Flake Street and tripped over a piece of wood on the rug. He caught himself using Airbending and picked up the staff.

"Well Aang, what do you make of it?" Sokka was sitting facing the fireplace with his back turned from Aang.

"How did you know what I was doing?" queried Aang.

"Very simple. I have a well polished silver teapot in front of me." Sokka stated.

"But what do you think about our visitor's stick. Reconstruct the man by examining the staff."

"I think Dr. Gyatso is a successful, elderly medical man and well esteemed by those who know him. I also think he is a country practitioner who visits mainly by using this staff to glide. The staff is worn down from years of use and there are simply too many jets in the air for a doctor to visit patients by flying to use safely. Also, he is probably a friend of Southern Water Tribe hunters because the initials SWH are engraved on the stick," Aang explained.

"Aang you excel yourself and I have succeeded in passing on some of my unique methods," Sokka remarked. "However," Sokka took the staff from Aang's hands "most of your deductions were wrong. The man is a country practitioner who flies a great deal. The staff was most likely presented to him after he left to start his own practice, and an established doctor would not do such. Therefore, he must have been a young man under thirty with some kind of small animal, larger then a wolf-bat but smaller then a boarcupine." the great detective stated.

"I think I found him. Dr. Gyatso, Firemoor and he left Sozin's War Healers in 1884." Aang called out. "But how did you know he had an animal?"

"There are wear marks left by something with a smaller grip of some sort then a boarcupine but too far apart to be a wolf-bat, it must be by the spirits it is a winged lemur." Sokka deduced.

"But how do you know that for certain?"

"Because the lemur in question is now clawing at the door and it's master is ringing the doorbell right now." Aang went downstairs to let Dr. Gyatso in. "Dr. Gyatso, I don't mean to be brusque, but what brings you to consult with me?" Sokka asked.

To Be Continued...


This chapter has been cut and condescended from the original. Also, Aang is not the Avatar in this story because then everybody would ask why he is not Sherlock Holmes. Finally, I apologize for it being off schedule by a day, but we went to see a movie and I did not have time to work on it. Please comment.

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