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Monk Gyatso
Gyatso (tRR)
Biographical information

Air Nomad


The Southern Air Temple


79 (deceased)


79 BG


0 AG

Physical description


Hair color

White (shaven)

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Aang, Jinju, Hokai Tashi,Air Nomads, Sokka, Katara


The Fire Nation, Koh

Chronological and political information
  • Monk
  • Airbending instructor
  • Aang's guardian
  • Hokai's spiritual guide
  • Air Nomads
  • Council of Elders

Aang, Jinju, Hokai

Monk Gyatso was an airbender of the Southern Air Temple, Avatar Aang's guardian and Hokai's spiritual guide and a member of the Southern Air Temple Council of Elders.

Monk Gyatso was known for his kindness and sense of humor. He was the one that thought Avatar Aang airbending, but always allowed the young Avatar to live a life of fun, happiness and games, such as Pai Sho. In his earlier years, Monk Gyatso formed a strong bond with Aang's previous incarnation, Avatar Roku.

Monk Gyatso was slain during the Air Nomad Genocide, during which Fire Lord Sozin attacked the Air Nomads and the other nations. His remains revealed that he managed to defeat several comet enhanced Fire Nation soldiers, before being defeated and killed.


Monk Gyatso was raised in the idyllic surroundings of the Southern Air Temple. When the then sixteen-year-old Avatar, Avatar Roku, travelled to the temple to learn airbending, he soon befriended Gyatso. The two became the best of friends and were inseparable. They took Gliding lessons together, where they goofed off and embarrassed themselves. This only made their friendship stronger. Later Roku explained to Aang that "some friendships are so strong, they can even transcend lifetimes", when Aang found out that Gyatso had been both Roku's and his friend.

Eventually, Gyatso was promoted to one of the five Head Monks at the Southern Air Temple. He was a respected man, kind, friendly, a great baker, but still remained a prankster. Later in live he befriended a young guru, Pathik.

Twelve years after Avatar Roku's death, Gyatso met Aang and Hokai and became their guardian. He helped the two with their airbending training. Even though Aang was the Avatar, Gyatso believed that Aang deserved a normal childhood. When Aang ran away from the air temple, Gyatso fell into a state of depression. He was killed during the Fire Nation attack on the Southern Air Temple.

When he died, he was one of the few mortals that got accepted into the Spirit World, mostly thanks to Avatar Roku. After a hundred years Gyatso took on another role. He became Hokai's spiritual guide and helped him make hard decisions several times and later guided the Gaang as they ventured to save Jinju from Koh.

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