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"There's nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you're insightful about it."
— Gyatso

Gyatso is a main protagonist in Avatar: Beyond the Comet.

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dark brown

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sky blue

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Kya, Liv, Rohan, Cyrene, Cian, Helado, Team Avatar


Gyatso is the oldest child of Avatar Aang and Katara. He currently lives in the Fire Nation Capital City with his mother, Katara, and his younger sister, Kya.


Gyatso is easy to get along with, outgoing, and confident. While he can be somewhat shallow at times, he is a great listener and conversationist. Despite his somewhat self-centered demeanor, Gyatso is a very caring person who cannot ignore a cry for help.


Due to the fact that Gyatso did not have an airbending master to learn from, he developed his own unique bending style that draws inspiration from airbending scrolls and other styles of bending. The result is a fighting style that includes the grace of waterbending, the aggressiveness and breathing techniques of firebending, and the long-range attacks of earthbending.

Appearances and references

Gyatso first appears in Book One: Deceit, Chapter One. After this, he appears in nearly every chapter.


  • Gyatso was perhaps the most difficult character to develop, and his concept has undergone many changes since the initial creation of his character.

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