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"It's okay Aang. If you wanted to end our meditation early, all you have to do is ask."
— Gyatso to Aang.
Monk Gyatso
Biographical information
Birth place

Southern Air Temple




79 BG


0 AG

Physical description


Hair color

White (shaved)

Personal information
Bending style(s)



Miku, Appa, Aang, Pathik, Aurora

Chronological and political information


First appearance

"Beginnings of Legacy"

Monk Gyatso is a friendly, calm, elder monk of the Southern Air Temple. He is also Aang's mentor in airbending and Aang's father figure.


Gyatso is shown to have a calming, flexible, friendly personality towards others. If something happens that isn't supposed to, he will often go along with it with a smile and a calming way to compromise, as shown when Aang tried to sneak away from his meditation.



Much like Miku, there is not much known about Gyatso's earlier life, but when he was middle aged, he took part in being the minister for Miku's wedding. He took the time to bond with both the bride and groom afterwards and it was during this time he first found out about Aurora. He and Aurora had a long conversation during one of Gyatso's many meditation sessions and had grown a bit of a bond from that. Gyatso found out Aurora's past from that as well, but since that one time he hadn't been able to see it. He did get glimpses of it watching over Miku, but that was about it.

Things went on this way for many years until Miku's son, Aang, turned 3. Gyatso received a vision of Aang being the next Avatar in Raava's line. After that was found out, he told Miku the news and advised her to let him be Aang's teacher in airbending, to which she agreed. Ever since, he had been Aang's mentor in airbending and had grown a powerful bond with the Air Nomad.

Book 1: Water

Gyatso only appeared once officially. At the beginning of the story, he and Aang were going through another one of many meditation sessions when Aang tried to sneak away. Catching Aang walking off, he quickly used his airbending to pull him back, giving him a smile. He said that if Aang wanted to go, all he had to do was ask, which Aang did. Gyatso smiled and let Aang go to play.

It wasn't exactly evident on what happened to Gyatso during the Fire Nation attack, but all that is known is that he died along with the rest of his people around the same time.

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