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Guys, Dolls and Bending
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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November 29, 2011

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Male Bonding

Guys, Dolls, and Bending is the fifteenth chapter of Darksome Knights and the fifth chapter of Book 2: First Impressions.


"Sokka!" Katara screamed as she ran to hug her brother.

"Katara, settle down!" he responded.

"Sorry. I just missed you so much!" she squeezed him even tighter.

Aang and Mai walked up behind them.

"Who are they?" Mai pointed over to the Pillars standing awkwardly over by Hiohaku.

"Oh, these are some friends I met in the Northern Water Tribe. Their names are Haewa, Sigan, Geolda, Hwasan and Noeseong."

"Hi." they all replied.

Sokka walked over and whispered in Mai's ear. "Haewa needs to talk with Zuko."

"Right." Mai looked up at Haewa. "Haewa, can you come with me?"

Haewa looked at Sokka for a second. Sokka nodded and Haewa walked off with Mai.

"Well," Sokka started. "now that they're gone, let's have some fun!"

"A day on the town would be nice." Geolda mused.

"Why not?" Aang replied. "I mean what else are we going to do all day?"

"Let's go!"

In Town

The small town was a bustling hive of activity. Vendors yelled the names of goods and prices from heavenly smelling stalls. People jostled each other to get the best spot at the savory deals. The seven visitors barely managed to find a table in a small restaurant on the far side of town.

"This is nice." Geolda thought aloud.

"Yeah, this is one of the nicest restaurants in the capital." Sokka said as he sat down.

"So," Sigan grabbed a menu and started looking, "what looks good?"

They looked over their menus until their waiter walked up behind Katara.

"What would you like to order?" he asked, whipping out his notepad.

"I'll have a bowl of noodle soup." Geolda started.

"Me too." Sokka replied.

"Make it three." Aang said.

"I'll have some sea soup." Katara said.

"I'll try the smoked sea slug." Hwasan said.

"That's pretty spicy. You sure you want it?" the waiter cautioned.

"Yes." he replied.

"I'll have that too." Sigan said.

"I'll just have some roast duck." Noeseong decided.

"And a round of tea for all of us." Aang said.

"Coming right up." The waiter walked off to give their orders to the chef.

As the chef labored away at their order, the seven customers talked and laughed over cups of tea, sharing embarrassing and funny stories.

When the waiter brought out the massive tray of food, they each took their dishes and began the meal.

"This noodle soup is great!" Geolda said.

"I know, it's one of the few things here that I can eat." Aang remarked.

"You're vegetarian?" Noeseong asked, cutting into his roast duck.

"Yeah. It's just how I was raised." Aang said.

"Well," Hwasan looked at Sigan, "shall we try our spicy meals?"

"Let's." The two men took their knives, cut off a thin slice of their sea slugs, and plopped them into their mouths.

Instantly, their faces turned red from the intense amount of spices heaped onto the slug. Hwasan barely managed to choke it down, while Sigan spat it out and downed his tea in one gulp.

The other five around the table began guffawing hysterically. Sokka spluttered tea all over the table which caused Sigan and Hwasan to begin laughing. They continued laughing for a few minutes until they fell back, sighing in their chairs.

At the Palace

The seven friends strolled up the path to the palace, milling about in the courtyard to loudly chat. They were just entering the doorway as Haewa, Mai and Zuko came out and bumped into them.

"Oh, hey." Zuko said. "You guys are back."

"Yeah." Sigan replied. "So what have you decided?"

Haewa pulled Geolda to her feet. "We're all going together."

"Great." Geolda said. "Let's get going."

"Next stop," Sokka announced, "Kyoshi Island!"

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