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Gurung was the Air Nomad Avatar succeeding Avatar Igong and preceding Avatar Dukuraq. Like Avatar Aang, he dealt with conflicts between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom during his lifetime.


Gurung was born in the Southern Air Temple. Like most Avatars he learned about his identity as the Avatar at the age of sixteen, and after hearing the stories of Ujuan, the Air Nomad Avatar before him, he feared going down the same path.

After mastering airbending, he moved on to mastering Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending. Returning to the Southern temple, he trained in secret with several monks to master the Avatar State.

Preventing a war

Gurung had almost mastered the Avatar State when news arrived of ongoing tensions between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Earth King Tuan had arranged a marriage between his son and the daughter of Fire Lord Zaozo, but with both leaders assuming the other to be a liar, they began committing minor incursions that eventually resulted in them about to go to war.

Not wanting to deal with the Avatar, both rulers sent troops to scout out and keep Gurung busy.

Appearances in Aang's life

While Aang was learning about his past lives before Avatar Yangchen, he came across Gurung, who had a similar life to him as they had both dealt with conflicts between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom.


Gurung, like many Air Nomads, sought peace and had a deep respect for all life. But as the Avatar, he had a less passive approach to achieving peace. While having good intentions, it left him ashamed at times of his Air Nomad identity, something Aang tried to console him on during their conversations. Trying to be better than Avatar Ujuan, Gurung decided for a time to solely use his bending, but was encouraged to also rely on the Avatar State.



As his birth element, Gurung excelled at airbending and mastered the art soon after learning about his identity as the Avatar, under the mentorship of master Yontem. Even for an Air Nomad, his usage of the skill was seen as aggressive.


Gurung was quick to master waterbending, however he hardly used the skill when away from the Water Tribes. During a small incursion against a Fire Nation ship, he used waterbending to push two large ships apart, allowing his boat to escape Fire Nation waters.


Gurung managed to grasp earthbending better than many Air Nomad Avatars before him because of his uncompromising personality, but still had difficulty mastering it.


Gurung mastered firebending rather easily, his unorthodox personality helped him learn in a way a true firebender would.

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