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Biographical information

Hensō (when infiltrating Gaza's encampment)
Scrawny raccoon fox (by Gaza)


Proto-Earth Kingdom


9-14 (Book 2: Conflict)
14-18 (Book 3: Resolution)


9,756 BG

Physical description





4'2" or 1.28m (age 9)
4'7" or 1.40m (age 11)
5'5" or 1.65m (age 14)
5'8" or 1.73m (age 16 onwards)

Hair color


Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



Dao (father)
Ta Ying (mother; deceased)
Baoshi (paternal grandfather)
Qianbei (paternal grandmother)
Han (uncle)
Roshan (future son)
Dema (future mother-in-law)
Rabten (future father-in-law)

Love interest(s)

Singi (girlfriend and future wife)


Singi, Jamyang, Jiefeng, Dao, Qiú, Gekkō, Ra Sho, the Sun Warriors


Maku, Gaza, Fire Islands troops

Chronological and political information

Earthbending master


Proto-Earth Kingdom
Team Avatar

First appearance


Last appearance

"Summer Solstice, Part 4: Two Worlds and One Bridge"

Voiced by

Raymond Ochoa (ages 9, 11, and 14)
Anton Yelchin (ages 16 and 18)

Guilin (pronounced: Gway-lin) is the son of Dao—a proto-Earth Kingdom general—and close friend and eventual boyfriend of Avatar Singi. He assists Singi in her earthbending training alongside his father and is, years later, arrested by the Fire Islands warlord, Gaza, for espionage. He is eventually freed from imprisonment by Singi and accompanies her on the rest of her journey.


In his youth, Guilin was rambunctious, often speaking loudly and annoying the other members of his home village. While aiding in training Singi earthbending, he matures some and consoles her from time-to-time on having to work with her natural opposite. Upon reuniting with Singi at the age of 16, once arrested, Guilin has matured considerably (though he is still as outgoing and caring as he was in his youth) and remarks that it was she who inspired him to go out and fight against Maku, Gaza, and their troops while (until the siege of Gai Chan) nearly everyone else from his culture stood neutral.


Early Life

Guilin was born in 9,756 BG to Dao and Ta Ying. Tragically, his mother died from an illness when he was four years old, leaving the busy general to care for his son alone. Guilin would eventually recall to Singi that he does not remember much about his mother, other than that she had a warm, gentle voice, hair "as black as the night sky", and her eyes were "as bright as the green tea she brewed with love".

Without a motherly figure to take care of Guilin, Dao would often find himself treating his son much like his soldiers: disciplining Guilin when he did something wrong, training him rigorously on earthbending, and for the most part, keeping a firm eye on his son. Dao would feel remorseful for such an upbringing, noting that even when Guilin grew to be nine years old, he would still act rambunctious, causing Dao to worry that his words simply weren't sinking in to his son. Singi reassured Dao, however, that Guilin's active attitude was normal for someone of his age, and that he has done well so far to raise his son as a single parent.

In part, due to his hyperactive nature, Guilin never made any human friends of his age in his home village. When Guilin discovered his earthbending abilities at the age of seven, he also happened to find a male armadillo hare along the outskirts of his village. Taking the creature home, Guilin begged his father if he could keep the animal as a pet, to which Dao accepted, but unbeknownst to his son, did so so that Guilin could live happily in the village and form a close bond with someone other than him. Guilin would name his pet "Qiú", and form a very close bond with the animal that would last over a decade.

Book 2: Conflict

Introduction and Confronting the Past

Guilin is first introduced when Singi, Jamyang, and Jiefeng stumble upon him, his father, and the latter's troops out training in the middle of the day. Upon Singi introducing herself as the Avatar, Guilin, excited, begs Dao to be her earthbending instructor, which, after a moment's hesitation, Dao accepts, on the condition that she train most of the time alongside his troops, with only occasional instances of one-on-one-training. Elated, Guilin over-enthusiastically rockets his pet armadillo hare, Qiú, into the air by bending an earth pillar. Singi retrieves the frightened creature mid-air and lands safely on the ground, resulting in Dao shaking his head and Guilin rubbing the back of his neck and smiling in embarrassment.

The next morning, the group visit the same field of large earth coins that Singi, Jamyang, and Jiefeng visited the day prior, east of the future plains village. There, Dao instructs his men to take a moment of silence and remember that they are training so that should they ever need to engage in combat, they are doing so in order to uphold the memories of other earthbenders who perished in battle. During this time, Singi once again wanders to the skeleton she saw slumped against one of the earth coins and, upon seeing it, receives a vision of an elderly Wan in combat. Gasping, Singi doubles over, and Guilin rushes to her side, asking if she is alright. While composing herself, Dao and Jamyang make their way over to the duo and kneel beside her. Dao states to his son that it isn't easy seeing the remains of someone who died in battle, and asks Singi if she can walk. Singi simply nods, and the group leaves the scene to go train, but distraught over what she saw, she requests to only observe for the rest of the day.

The next morning, Guilin aids in the search for Jamyang after having disappeared sometime overnight or at the break of dawn. He, along with Singi, Dao, and Jiefeng, find a stoic Jamyang at Wan's skeleton. Jamyang requests for Wan to have a proper burial, and the group do so, Jamyang saddened but also at peace now that Wan has had a proper closure.

Training Singi

To be written...

Book 3: Resolution

To be written...


Version One (Excluding Dao's Relatives):

Ta Ying

Version Two (Including Dao's Relatives):

Ta Ying


  • Guilin is the name of a prefecture-level city in the northeast Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, which translates to "Forest of Sweet Osmanthus".
  • Guilin has a pet armadillo hare named Qiú (pronounced: Chee-OH, 球), which translates to "ball" in Chinese. In his (boisterous) youth, he would often torment-turned-play with the animal by bouncing him around on earth pillars, during which the animal would curl into an armored ball for protection.
  • The settlement Guilin grew up in is located in an open valley in the southern proto-Earth Kingdom, just south of the Si Wong Desert and west of where Tu Zin will eventually be.
  • Singi and Guilin's romantic relationship (which will be established in Book 3: Resolution) is considered one of, if not the first, inter-cultural relationship in the Avatar universe.
    • Furthermore, while not featured in The Rise of Avatar Singi, the two will end up having one child, a son named Roshan (罗山), which is Hindi for "light" or "light at dawn", and Sanskrit for "shining light".
  • Guilin's mother, Ta Ying (塔影), is deceased in The Rise of Avatar Singi, having died from illness when Guilin was four years old. Guilin notes that he doesn't remember much about his mother, other than that she had a warm, gentle voice, hair "as black as the night sky", and her eyes were "as bright as the green tea she brewed with love".
    • Ta Ying makes her only "appearance" in the trilogy as a vision Dao sees in the Foggy Swamp in "The Cure".
  • In terms of appearance, Guilin bears great resemblance to Kei Lo.
  • Guilin suffers from aviophobia, most notably when riding on a cloud, air spout, or an air glider alongside Singi. This is due to his disconnection from any earth, which he considers a safety zone, being his natural element. It should be noted that this phobia does not occur when Guilin purposefully launches himself in the air with earthbending, nor when riding on Lychee, Jamyang's air bison. Over the course of Book 3, he learns to manage his phobia.
  • Were Guilin an actual animated character, he would be voiced by Raymond Ochoa at the ages of 9, 11, and 14, and Anton Yelchin at the ages of 16 and 18, respectively. Ochoa is probably best known for voicing Arlo in the Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, while Anton Yelchin is known for portraying Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek reboot series, Jacob Helm in Like Crazy, Jim Lake Jr. in Trollhunters, and various other prominent roles in television and film.
    • Yelchin passed away on June 11, 2016 in a freak automobile accident. Hence, were the trilogy actually animated into a television series or feature film, it would be dedicated to Yelchin.
    • One of Yelchin's other roles was voicing the male lead role of Shun Kazama in the English-dub of From Up on Poppy Hill. Also starring in this dub was Singi's would-be voice actress, Sarah Bolger, as the female lead role of Umi Matsuzaki, as well as Gekkō's would-be voice actor, Beau Bridges, as Chief Director Tokumaru.
    • Avatar Wan's voice actor, Steven Yeun, starred in Trollhunters alongside Yelchin as school bully Steve Palchuk. This was also one of Yelchin's final projects before his death.
  • Guilin's alias when infiltrating Gaza's Fire Islands encampment—Hensō—is Japanese for "disguise". Upon being captured, he is called a "scrawny raccoon fox" by the warlord for most of the remainder of their encounters, akin to the animal's sly nature.
  • Based on the dating of the Chinese zodiac, Guilin was born in the Year of the Tiger in 9,756 BG.
  • Like Singi with airbending, Guilin masters earthbending at the age of eleven.
    • Originally, "The Catalyst" was going to involve both Singi and Guilin mastering the element, but this was dropped so that "Descendants" could have proper content.

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