By Duke of Skibbington Part of the Avatar Colosseum continuity.

Guest writers play a major role in the production of Avatar Colosseum and have done so since season 2. Below is a list of them and their roles. Users who had no prior fanon experience are denoted with an asterisk. A dagger (†) indicates their combatant was victorious.

50px-24960748.png AvatarAang7 Wan supporter, Avatar Royale

Judge, Toph v. Bumi

50px-3327121.png AvatarRokusGhost Unknown supporter, TBA
50px-26129296.png BadgermolesRus* Korra supporter, Avatar Royale†
50px-5184678.png Count Kibbles N Bits Bumi supporter, Toph v. Bumi

Colossus supporter, UnaVaatu v. Colossus†

50px-24927094.png DaiLaiHeping Kyoshi supporter, Avatar Royale
50px-5001176.png DrachenRitter42 UnaVaatu supporter, UnaVaatu v. Colossus
50px-1216259.png Neo Bahamut Toph supporter, Toph v. Bumi†
50px-25771725.png SaitamaBro* Roku supporter, Avatar Royale
50px-24825314.png Thebridge14* Aang supporter, Avatar Royale
50px-24916335.png Tono555 Judge, Avatar Royale
Avatar Colosseum
Season 1
Azula v. Kuvira - Sokka v. Asami - Aang v. Korra - Zuko v. Mako - Iroh v. Ozai - Dai Li v. Yuyan - Kyoshi Warriors v. Equalists - Ty Lee v. Lieutenant - Katara v. Toph - Finale
Season 2
Avatar Royale - Toph v. Bumi - UnaVaatu v. Colossus - Suyin v. Lin - Finale
AvatarAang7 AvatarRokusGhost - BadgermolesRus - Count Kibbles N Bits - DaiLaiHeping - DrachenRitter42 - Neo Bahamut - SaitamaBro - Skipper8888 - Thebridge14 - Tono555

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