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To the North!

Mian and Zura meet the man they are guarding, and find a golden opportunity.


Tia loved the smell of soup, and Ami was making her favorite. She had always wanted to cook, but there was always something in her way. So, today she walked over to Ami in the kitchen and asked to help. She did not really know much about cooking, and just did whatever Ami said. She was setting the table, when the guys burst in. She was so surprised that she dropped a bowl of soup, and left to get a towel. Mian followed her, as Zura went to check on dinner. Tia, who was not used to cleaning, awkwardly dropped the towel on the mess. Then as she and Mian reached down to wipe up the mess, their hands touched. Both suddenly blushed and let go. Mian then said " is hot in here...err...I am going to go check on...dinner, yeah."

He then hastily left the room. At dinner Mian started talking.

"You guys will never believe this, but Zura and I are in charge of protecting the visiting Admiral Zhen."

"No way!" responded the girls, simultaneously.

"Here is the bad news; Zhen is going to attack the Water Tribe," said Zura.

"What!" said a surprised Ami.

"Yeah, we have to do something, but what?" asked Tia.

"I know as the Avatar, this is against my principles...but why don't we..." said Mian.

"Kill him?" finished Zura.

"No...No...We can just injure him until he can't move," said Mian.

"Yeah, like that is so much better!" said a sarcastic Tia.

"And anyway, we can't just attack there are three other people protecting him," said Zura.

"Well...let's try to get him alone and...I don't know...I am done with dinner so I am going to hit the sack," said a sleepy Mian.

"Yep," said Tia as she left for the girl's bedroom

Tia was so thirsty, that she had to wake up. She walked into the kitchen to get a cup, when she heard snoring. Surprised, she tried to hear where it was coming from. She then walked out onto the balcony to see Ami with her head sleeping on a sleeping Zura. She quietly giggled and went back to sleep.

"WAKE UP!" screamed Mian and Tia

Ami and Zura burst awake to see smiling faces.

"So, how long have you guys been dating?" asked a sarcastic Mian.

"We are not!" protested Ami.

"Yeah, then what were you doing all night, here?" asked a giggling Tia.

"Nothing...we were just admiring the sky...and we have to go to work, come on..." said Zura

Zura then rushed off to the base with Mian following. After, doing their regular rounds Mian brought out the map they made yesterday. After, studying it they decided to look at all the rooms with important documents again. However, this time Captain Jeong saw them before they started snooping again. He then told them to report to the Governor's Palace in several hours, and that they could go home now. The duo wanted to keep looking, but their captain walked them to the Entrance.

"See you in 3 hours, boys!"

The palace was dark and gloomy under the moon. Mian noticed a lake as he walked in to the palace. He and Zura placed their masks on and ran in. They then found the rest of the team at the main hall. Jeong briefed them on their job, which was to stand guard outside of Admiral Zhen's room. Jeong then showed the way to Zhen's room. Mian noticed that regular palace guards were present, and seemed to be staring at them.

Zura stifled another yawn; it was almost 3 in the morning. In another half hour, he would be following the plan that he had helped plan. He looked around and saw Jeong looking down the neighboring hallway. Hai was sitting on the floor, sleeping, with his head in between his knees. Mian was standing with his back to Zhen's door, with a very serious face. Jeong thought he heard heard something and was looking down the hallway, again. It must have been those annoying palace guards. He stopped himself, and had a flashback about when he left his hometown.

It is in a dusty town with a large tree in the center with several houses nearby.

"Bye, everybody, I will be back soon," said a young Jeong.

"See you soon, son!" said his mom.

Jeong then walked off towards the city.

He was wondering what happened to that Jeong, he hadn't been back there since. As he was reminiscing he was suddenly hit by a fire blast from his blindside. He tried to move but was too tired, everything was too much work. He had worked hard his entire life, he needed a break. As the lights were dimming, he could hear his team members shouting at Zura and that other...boy...what...was, again? Jeong was too tired to remember and fell asleep.


  • It is hinted often in the begging of the chapter about possible love interests.
  • It has not been confirmed if Jeong is dead or will die next chapter, that means the author can't make up his mind.

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