Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.

The Guardian's War is the name given to the series of conflicts succeeding the War in Avatar: Guardian. It's name is derived from Team Avatar's mission of guarding their peace. Like the war, the aggressors in this war are supported by few of the nations and are generally opposed by the majority of the population. Unlike the war, however, the aggressors are fighting of their own free will.

Early Stages

The war's early stages went unnoticed throughout the world, because the stealth of the small parties performing the actions allowed most damage to cities and landscapes to be brushed off as natural disasters. This is noted by Aang and he arrives in time at the Fire Nation capital to prove decisive in the Battle at the Royal Prison along with Zuko, although Ozai is still freed.

The Dai Li reveal themselves shortly after this, showing that they still desire revenge against Team Avatar, though they underestimated the treat and were quickly defeated. It was this ambush that led to Team Avatar journeying to Shu Jing to pick up Sokka. This led to a battle with the Firefighters, who were trying to conquer the town. They are pushed back, and the team recuperates. The team decides to go after the Firefighters first, and are approached by a teenager who needs help reclaiming his village from the Firefighters.

After Zhangzi Village was liberated, Aang and his friends were attacked multiple times by an elite group of Firefighters, called the Aqua Assaulters. When Aang defeated them, he was confronted by their leader, Katas, and the leader of the Firefighters, Mitros. After an intense battle, Aang was forced to retreat, only to be followed so the battle could continue. Mitros was eventually wounded and forced to retreat, ending the raids. Team Avatar accidentally stumbled into Xian Village, the town where Katas and Mitros were hiding. Fearing the loss of their final stronghold, they fought the team, only to be forced back.

Their loss forced Mitros to take drastic measures and enact a plan that would provoke both Team Avatar and the Southern Water Tribe. He attempted a takeover of the tribe, under the guise of trying to add numbers to the dwindling Firefighters. After Hakoda denied his request, he tried to attack him, only to be stopped by Pakku. A brawl ensued, during which Team Avatar arrived. They helped in the battle and when it was over, Katas and Mitros were dead.

While Team Avatar was fighting against the Firefighters, the Dai Li had spent their time searching throughout the Earth Kingdom for any signs of the Earth King. They terrorized many towns and struck fear into the hearts of their citizens. The Council of Five was unable to send troops for an indefinite period of time without the approval of the Earth King, so they requested the aid of Team Avatar to locate him.

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