By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Groudon Tribe
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Kyouga jungle


Serve and help Groudon

The Groudon Tribe is a race of Kyouga humans that serve and worship Groudon. They have a similar lifestyle to Earthbenders, respecting and using the earth to their advantage. The main color these people have is red, symbolizing the red scales of Groudon. The only exception though was Risley, who wore blue instead of red. A bit ironic, since blue is the Kyogre Clan's main color.

Many believe that the Groudon Tribe came to be from Groudon's work. As the creature was busy creating, he found it difficult to keep track of everything, so he assigned a group of humans to serve him and help him keep track of the land for him so less stress was on the god's shoulders. In return for their services, Groudon gave them not only his protection, but a home as well, making them their village where they live today.

Although they don't fight against any of the other groups of humans, they are protective and will punish anyone outside of their tribe that ventures on sacred ground. They became less forceful since Risley took control, since she is more open and out-going compared to the other guards. They have the ability to communicate with the wildlife or anyone with a language they can't understand (which they didn't understand English at first). They are normally open to visitors as long as they don't break any of their rules; if they do, they turn rather aggressive.

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