By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Kyouga's Legends

Groudon is a large, blind, T-rex animal and one of the three major legends of Kyouga. It was created in the Core by Toph when she found out how to create a creature without the use of her eyes. Groudon is the god of the land in Kyouga, believed to create the mountains from the once flat earth, as said in the local Kyouga legends. The legend puts the Kyouga land as being just flat and useless. When Groudon was born, it began to create canyons, mountains, and other landmarks absent at the beginning. Groudon was the most important, making the deepest gorges for the oceans by Kyogre, and the highest mountains for Rayquaza's refuge.


These feats were done with earthbending to rival Toph herself, able to raise a mountain in just one whack of its mighty tail. Its earthbending is much more unique and seems to be a mix from the bending Toph and Terra use. One special ability it possesses is the ability to turn into a statue, often doing this during deep slumber. Since Groudon is also blind, it shares the same vibration sensing ability that Toph also possesses. It isn't too clear on exact refuge, but latest sightings confirm that it is now living in a deep cavern, beneath the earth, continuing to create labyrinth caverns and caves without the hassle from the world above, similar reason to Kyogre.

Avatar: New Universe III

Groudon was the first created of the main three, being shown born when Toph was being shown how to create an animal without drawing it out. Groudon roared proudly in front of them before it disappeared off into Kyouga to take its refuge under the planet's crust.

Groudon doesn't officially appear until the group manages to find it in his cave home. At this point though, Umbreon had hypnotized him so he would attack Team Avatar and Teen Titans, and that's just what he did when they showed up. He keeps on attacking them until he was tricked into blasting a hole in the cave, causing sunlight to come in. The light hurt him but released his hypnotic trance, turning him back to normal. He didn't do anything though about Umbreon, but he did return the Triforce piece back to the group as thanks for helping him out.

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