By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information

174 AG

Physical description

15 feet


5 tons

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Cyan blue/orange

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.4: Plain Boar

Gronihag is a stocky, fast-moving Voronon that was found on the open plains of the Earth Kingdom. It resembles a male boar.


Gronihag was made during the time before the Avatar by the Shadow Nation. When the Voronon were starting to be wiped out, it was put in suspended animation within the Earth Kingdom. Where exactly it was suspended, and how it was reanimated is unclear, as it was first found in the open, out on the Earth Kingdom plains by a family of Spotted Hippo Wolves. Upon discovery, Gronihag immediately started chasing around the Hippo Wolves, catching Team Avatar's attention. Before it could finish off the Hippo Wolf mother, it discovered Ziyou and Ikki, and took battle with them instead. Later on, it found Asami Sato on the nearby airship, and tried to reach her, though was unable to. When Korra's plan began, Gronihag was lured into a chase of Ziyou, and was almost mounted by Kai until it saw Ikki with the left Hippo Wolf pup, and charged at them instead. Before it trampled them, the mother returned, and blinded Gronihag's left eye with one hard bite. Gronihag thrashed around, eventually getting the mother off it, but its right eye was pierced by Asami's makeshift arrow, blinding it completely. It finally was killed when Kai stabbed its main weak point on its back.


Body structure

Having less protective armor than most Voronon, Gronihag can move surprisingly fast, and has enough strength to overpower a full grown Hippo Wolf.


  • Gronihag was based on "Sirius", an unused Colossus for the SOTC game, which was also coincidentally based on a boar.

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