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By Ferrandor Republic Part of the The Wolf, Windbag, and the Great Depression continuity.
Grei Naite
Biographical information

United Republic of Nations


Water Tribe

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City



Physical description




Hair color

Light Brown

Skin color


Eye color

Greyish Blue

Personal information
Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Bloodbending


Zed Naite, Warsh Naite, Ida Naite, Tyro Naite


Beast, Zed Naite, Warsh Naite, Anil, Baijin, Li, and others...


Amon II, Chi-Blockers, Republic City Police, Tzoah, and others...

Chronological and political information

Street Criminal

First appearance

Welcome to Raikoville

Grei Naite is a protagonist in the fanfiction series The Wolf, Windbag, and the Great Depression. He is gifted and talented bender that lives on the streets with his two brothers.



Grei Naite was born the middle child to a wealthy family in Republic City in the year 164 AG. He grew up with a rather luxurious childhood. His family lived in a lavish apartment in the nicer part of town. His father was an entrepreneurial businessman in charge of a stockbroker firm. Grei and his brothers received a proper education and were well fed, though they didn't see their parents as much.

The Naite family met a crisis when the depression hit. Unfortunately, Tyro Naite's firm could not survive the depression. Within eight months they were bankrupt and they family probably split apart.

Meeting the Windbag

Three years into the Depression, Grei had taken charge of his brothers. The trio of brothers had been infamous for hustling and mugging people in the streets. Even though most of their victims were, in fact, other criminals the Republic City Police Department had sought his arrest for some time.

One morning, Grei Naite and his brothers were camped out in alley. Anil the airbender had also been in the area as well. The young Anil needed to brush his teeth so he "borrowed" Grei's waterbending pouch. However, Grei managed to catch him in time and a confrontation followed. Soon after, the police noticed and they chased the Naite brothers into hiding.

Imprisoned by Equalists

Grei Naite and his brothers had hidden themselves in Republic City's sewage system for a while. During this time, chi blockers from the resurgent Equalists raided their hideouts to find their location. Eventually they caught up with them and captured the three after a heated battle. Grei and his brothers were hauled off to an Equalist hideout.

At the hideout, all of Grei's friends were thrown in the detention center. Grei, however was there special guest. He was bound up and strapped to an interrogation chair in a dark room. In that room, they met a new Amon who claimed he wanted information. Since Grei wouldn't talk and he claimed he didn't have valuable information. As a result, Amon unleashed his pet dark spirit and watched it torture Grei.

Grei was reunited with his friends after it was over. Anil had helped them escape from the hideout. While Anil and Baijin led the way, the brothers helped carry the half conscious Grei to safety. It was after they left the prison when Grei met Li. After that they were reunited with his pet beast and carried back to Anil's home.

Arena Encounter

(Closed until Fanon receives more attention)


Grei Naite has a rather dark personality. He tends to not value human life and he has a rather negative outlook on life. That being said, he still has plenty of willpower to make it through the day. He also has a sadistic side as well.


Even though Grei lived the life of a luxury, his father still found time to teach the Naite brothers some important life skills. Grei has plenty of urban and wilderness survival skills. Grei was granted a private waterbending tutor as a child.

Grei also has the ability to blood bend on a full moon. He has been known to use this skill but there has never been enough evidence to convict him of such a crime.

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