"The heroine and the enemy general's son.
The whole world stood against them."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Green Man in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Downtown Republic City
Green Man
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Alternate Korraverse










The Legend of Korra

Tale of Zhi: In an alternate version of the Korraverse. Where Amon put his Equalist plan a year earlier than in the canon.


""In my years I have encountered people born with rare and unique bending abilities""
— -Sokka-

There are as many ways to become great as there are stars. People say greatness leads to success, but what if everyone great fights for something different? Who's dreams come true? Who's destiny becomes fulfilled? Who lives? And more importantly, who doesn't? 

These questions and many more are things Zhi couldn't care less about. A cripple, he uses his power of woodbending to move his prosthetic limbs in ways other water benders couldn't even fathom. Our (sort of) hero travelled to Republic City in the hopes to find his way in life. Republic City, on the other hand, seems to want the opposite. The Equalists are revolting against the council, the people are rioting in the streets and the Police have unleashed an all out man hunt for him.  As such, he spends his time eating seafood at his landlords restaurant. While doing the odd job for people some may consider "questionable".

So, with the help of a few good(ish) friends, our "hero" must uphold his honor, create his own destiny, fight evil and bring peace to Republic City. All while somehow paying his rent on time and dressed in his favorite green suit.

He is, the Green Man.


Zhi: Protagonist; he has only one leg and arm, but despite this, he is a master waterbender. Zhi has a questionable sense of morality especially when it comes to payed work, however he lives by a code that has served him well enough. He now works for the hot headed P.I Rina as an intern/deputy. 

Jun: A  junior police officer and aspiring metal bender. An incredible sense of right and wrong  and is incredibly loyal and courageous.  She is willing to do the right thing regardless of the means or how difficult it is.

Jie: Non bender employee of cabbage corporation, he builds and repairs cars for a living working as an apprentice at the companies garage. Fiercely intelligent but lacks the capacity to put his thoughts into words properly and sometimes stutters. 

Rina:  Private investigator. This firebender knows the city like the back of her hand. A friend of Jun's from her time in the academy. The two are good friends, but rarely see eye to eye on matters of justice vs the people. She shoots first and asks questions later. Even the most ruthless criminals know not to cross her path. And now she is Zhi's new boss.

Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong: Chief of police in Republic City and has her life and career to maintain order and safety in Republic City. Zhi has made the unfortunate mistake of tricking her and not getting away with it. 

Triple Threat bros: Consist of Ping, Chen and Lee. The only friends Zhi has made in the first few months in Republic City. They left the city after an Equalist attack on the gang, Zhi decided not to follow and the three are currently in Ba Sing Se. 

Amon in the shadows

Amon: Leader of the Equalists, planning to overthrow the oppressive bending regime. Zhi has inadvertently thrown a wrench in his plans.


Subject to change Book 1:Forrest

0. Prologue

  1. Paying Rent
  2. Helping Your Friends
  3. The Mechanics
  4. Reaping What You Sow
  5. Case of the Man in Green
  6. Double Date
  7. TBD
  8. Masterminds
  9. The Avatar
  10. Uprising

Book 2: Monsters

Power is poison


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