Kulon and the Fire Lord
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Greatest Firebender Ever





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May 3rd, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 7: Welcome to the Family

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 9: Spirit Terminus

This Fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Previously On "Greatest Firebender Ever"

Gen. Iroh was dispatched to Republic City in order to help resolve the new and arising Red Lotus threat. On his way to Lin and her investigation team, which is in a need for leads, Iroh meets with Kulon and the Avatar. Iroh reveals Kulon to the fact that he is part of the royal Fire Nation family.

Chapter 8 - Kulon and the Fire Lord

Kulon meets his uncle Iroh the next day. Iroh offers taking him to see his grandmother, Fire Lord Izumi. Kulon is thrilled to go, but insists on taking Korra with him because he cannot forsake her training. Iroh agrees. Kulon, Korra and Iroh set sail towards the Fire Nation to meet Kulon's "new" family.

Lin and the team still have nothing, so Lin orders them to sweep the city and maybe even speak with some gangs while she and her metalbenders will search more widely throughout the Earth Kingdom. Lin meets with her sister Suyin in order to seek assistance and make the situation a little bit more known only within the relevant people. Su gladly joins her sister to stop the Red Lotus, just like they did 3 years back.

While everyone is busy doing something, Tenzin is located in Air Temple Island and decides to meditate into the Spirit World once again and succeeds. Tenzin is surprised that he managed to do it by himself and starts exploring the Spirit World. As he moves and sees many spirits of all kinds, he sees a conversation between two humans. Tenzin approaches them and as he gets closer to them, he begins to recognize one of them. Tenzin starts to get worried for as close as he gets, the more he sees and he sees Zaheer meeting with another character, unknown to Tenzin. Zaheer notices him and the ambiguous figure quickly disappears. Zaheer is glad from Tenzin's "lovely surprise" and sits down. Tenzin aggressively asks Zaheer about his doings in the Spirit World, but Zaheer doesn't answer. He simply sits and offers him to sit with him as well. Tenzin doesn't let up and asks again with even more emotion. Zaheer recommends he would calm down because he is spreading negative energy throughout the Spirit World and they both know what might happen. Tenzin calms down and sits with Zaheer and remains very cautious. They begin chatting.

After a few days of travel, Kulon, Korra and Iroh are finally at the Fire Nation Capital. The news of Kulon's royalty is still off the grid, so they make their way towards the palace uninterrupted. They enter the palace and Kulon finally gets to meet for the first time, his grandmother, Fire Lord Izumi, as well as Lord Zuko.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet my first grandson. I wasn't expecting to see him as a man but as a baby," Izumi initiates the conversation.

"The pleasure is all mine. I never would've thought that by some chance, I was part of this family, but I am."

"A few days before your arrival I received a letter from your uncle describing your achievements and occupations. A master Firebender since 17 years of age, greatest firebender known as of now, a brilliant math student and a spiritual expert as well as a mentor to the most esteemed Avatar."

"Yes, those are true. Though my goal is only to help the Avatar and hopefully find a place within her team as one of them," Kulon replies.

"You have already gained your place as one of us. You proved to all of us that you're a powerful ally and trustworthy friend. We are most lucky for you to reach out to me in order to help me. Regardless of the result, I'm glad I had this experience," Korra assures Kulon.

"Thank you Korra, it means a lot."

"Come with me, Kulon, we have much to discuss," Izumi tells her grandson...

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