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April 26th, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 6: Tying Loose Ends

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 8: Kulon and the Fire Lord

This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Previously On "Greatest Firebender Ever"

Asami and Bolin volunteered for helping the Police with the Ambiguous Bust and found out that the Red Lotus is involved. Kulon promised Korra that he would teach her the new firebending abilities after the task she must go through first. Korra is impatient, but realizes its importance when she sees Kulon unlocking Blue firebending.

Chapter 7 - Welcome to the Family

Korra is shocked by Kulon and tells him he's unbelievable. Kulon agrees and forces her to keep training.

"Do you want to get ready for your big challenge? I do," Kulon adds.

During the training session, Kulon and Korra see the United Forces approaching and wonder why. As soon as the lead ship (Gen. Iroh's) docks, Gen. Iroh comes down to see Kulon and the Avatar. Korra is glad Iroh came to visit, but wonders why. Iroh approaches Kulon, and hugs him.

"Nice to finally meet you, nephew."

Kulon and Korra are very surprised and ask Iroh what did he mean.

"Torena never told you about me, right?"

"No, she most certainly did not."

"Torena's my sister. She was always different, more modest, more detached from the family. But given she was always smart, I guess she knew where to raise a son after all. Nevertheless, you're royalty, Kulon."

Kulon has a hard time accepting that his mother kept a secret of that magnitude from him. Iroh adds that Torena is the eldest child of Izumi, thus Kulon is destined to be the Fire Lord. Korra thinks that it's amazing that Kulon is to be Fire Lord and thinks it's very fitting; The best firebender born to be Fire Lord. Kulon asks how come his mother had left the family and left for a much more calm and remote place such as Ember Island.

"Torena was never the royal type. She always despised the history of the Fire Nation, especially our more ancient family starting from Sozin up to Ozai. She couldn't have dealt with it and decided to abandon her birth right as Fire Lord as well as her family. The only thing that remained a mystery to me is her abandoning our grandfather. They got along together like they were meant to meet each other; it was a connection I've never seen before. And for her to leave a friend like he was to her was something indescribably hard. I guess she thought it was worth it. So I'd love to catch up with my only nephew."

"Your 'nephew' is training me at the moment," Korra interrupts Iroh.

"You're right, Korra. Iroh, how about we'll meet you tomorrow?"

"Not a problem, but there's another reason why I came to Republic City. I know about the arms deal and I have been dispatched to help solve the case and stop the Red Lotus once and for all."

Iroh re-mounts his ship and sails to speak with Lin. Kulon and Korra arrive back at the temple to resume their training for Kulon thinks she would be ready to face her challenge shortly.

"Korra is strong and enduring, like earthbenders," Kulon whispers to himself.

Mako, Bolin, Asami and Lin are mind blanked because of the surplus of variables making the case unsolvable. Suddenly, they see Iroh and ask what's the reason he's here. Iroh replies he's here to help solve the Red Lotus case and disband them once and for all. Lin and the rest greet Iroh to the team because of the fact that the Red Lotus is completely anonymous and their only known and alive member is Zaheer, who is locked away in the mountains, so they're out of ideas and leads. Iroh proposes they'll go have a chat with Zaheer to make sure he's not useful. As they reach the prison, Iroh and the rest force Zaheer to tell them what he knows. Zaheer laughs and adds that the Red Lotus is a well planned and organized organization and they're aware of the fact that it'll be a loose end if they tell him something. Lin grabs Zaheer out of anger and forces him to speak to whoever is in charge of the Red Lotus in the Spirit World. Zaheer tells her he would never betray his belief and there's nothing they can do to threaten him with. They have nothing to do with all their strength.

Iroh, Lin, Mako, Asami and Bolin leave the prison despaired. As they are back to Republic City, Zaheer enters the Spirit World and meets with the unknown character from the deal and he tells him that he was able to fool the investigation team as well as they're out of leads. The ambiguous character responds by saying that he has done good for the Red Lotus and he will be free once again.

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